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A professional love at first sight to collaborate in the pleasure!

François Bourdon and Eric Tremblay, 6th grade teachers, one in Montreal and the other in Quebec City, recount the professional love at first sight that brought them together.

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A professional love at first sight. This is how we could describe what brought together the two friends, teachers in 6th year of elementary school, one at the CS de la Pointe-de-l'Île and the other at the CS de la Capitale.

François Bourdon and Éric Tremblay form an assumed duo of “pedagogicalgeek ". Before knowing each other, the two experimented with video games in class and followed each other remotely, thanks to social networks, before meeting in person and talking to each other.

The distance? How far?

One in Montreal and the other in the Quebec City region, they represent a model of collaboration and teamwork in the colors of today's reality. With their students, they imagined an educational studio for the creation of video games. Distance is not an obstacle to their enjoyment of working together. On the contrary, it is this almost daily collaboration that allows them to share their successes, to question themselves and to dare to always go further. Next year, they promise to try remote team teaching, nothing less!

During the very first CréaCamp, during which this interview was filmed, they co-hosted a theme on video games in the classroom with Mr. Éric's students. Moreover, they will try to repeat the experience during the CréaCamp Montreal, on September 30th.

Twitter: @Francois Bourdon
Twitter: @Trembling Eric
Website : https://www.monsieureric.net

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