#EB25ans - The top 25 of our most read articles

We celebrate our 25 years of activity by presenting the list of the most read articles of our news feed. Here are our top 25!

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We are celebrating 25 years of activity at École branchée, YÉ! For the occasion, I had fun looking at the statistics to list the most read articles, and thus create a top 25 for our 25 years.

My foray into Google analytics allowed me to see that teaching in the digital age is much more than our slogan. My intention here is not to throw flowers at us, but to highlight the work of our organization, which as my grandmother would say, “was well before its time”. From its organizational turn in 2012, the École branchée disseminates articles that focus on innovative practices in education (still relevant, is not it?).

  • February 21, 2012 - Technologies: young people must develop their critical thinking
  • February 28, 2012 - A village woven around the school
  • March 12, 2012 - Reverse pedagogy
  • June 21, 2012 - Tech projects to motivate students
  • January 18, 2013 - Skills to be developed for a successful integration of tablets

Interestingly, more or less recent articles, but still relevant, are also among the first on the list. Without further ado, here is our top 25!

  1. / internet-in-the-life-of-young people /
  2. / top-10-of-teachers-favorite-apps-in-this-first-half-of-the-year /
  3. / ideas-for-classroom-activities-to-fill-short-periods-2 /
  4. / spelling-resource-folder /
  5. / distance-teaching-force-majeure-ideas-and-resources /
  6. / 10-reasons-to-use-mobile-phones-in-class /
  7. / the-student-teacher-relationship-important-for-school-success /
  8. / the-samr-model-a-reference-for-the-really-pedagogical-integration of tic-in-class /
  9. / social-media-at-the-school-atout-leducation /
  10. / flexible-flexible-seating-a-trend-favoring-attention /
  11. / the-amazing-peculiarities-of-the-finnish-education-system /
  12. / 14-activity-ideas-for-a-fun-and-safe-recreation /
  13. / ideas-active-students-distance-learning /
  14. / padlet-payant-vive-middlespot /
  15. / create-a-digital-book /
  16. / covid-19-meta-census-digital-tools-and-useful-ideas-for-teachers-and-parents /
  17. / dossier-intelligence-artificial-education /
  18. / keep-the-link-with-his-students-ideas-and-resources /
  19. / flexible-class-feel-good-at-home /
  20. / ecoleouverte-ca-site-to-support-home-learning-now-online /
  21. / after-covid-19-restart-or-reinvent /
  22. / motivation-students-distance-tips /
  23. / a free-pro-canva-pre-christmas-gift-for-teachers-and-their-students /
  24. / launch-of-the-site-to-teach-outside-ca-a-new-tool-for-open-sky-education /
  25. / guide-switch-distance-teaching-24h /

Which of these themes would you like to explore in a future edition of our professional periodical? Write to us at to let us know!

I in turn wish the École branchée long life! Because supporting you every day in the challenges of teaching in the digital age, just like focusing on the success of young people, is an exciting adventure for me.

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Maryline Barrette Dubé
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