The organism Techno Culture Club launches its first free online educational activity kits on computer programming and citizen science for elementary school teachers. 

By Andréann Cossette-Viau and Vincent Marie

Since 2017, Techno Culture Club has been developing, as part of an educational project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, activities on computer programming in connection with the school curriculum of Science and Technology (from the 4e primary year).

The work carried out by the non-profit organization has made it possible to create a dozen free online educational activity kits for elementary school teachers, named Code & environment with micro:bits.

Online educational activity kits Code & environment with micro: bits

The creation of educational activity kits aims to encourage learning to code through experimentation while addressing current topics such as citizen science and the environment. 

True practical and ready-to-use tools, these kits are an opportunity for teachers to discover computer programming with their students while having fun.

Each activity kit is made up of:

With these kits, teachers will be able to address topics related to the environment, such as solar panels, community gardens, water consumption or air pollution. 

"The kits have comprehensive information with slideshows, images and a step-by-step description that is very helpful for students and teachers", underlines a teacher (class of 6e primary year) who participated in CBT training. 

For concrete learning, students should use a micro: bit. This microcontroller has several built-in functions, such as a thermometer and a radio, and it is easy to hook up to external sensors to introduce electronic components. We program it with code blocks on the interface MakeCode

Free and royalty-free tools

The tools created by TCC are entirely free of distribution and use rights. All activities have been tested in the classroom by TCC designers to allow teachers to use the kits optimally and meet their expectations with respect to educational requirements. These tests were made possible thanks to the participation of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board as a project partner. 

Where can I find the educational activity kits?

All kits are available in French and online at the Gitbook - Techno Culture Club. Gitbook is a published online resource for integrating content and varying presentation formats. This platform was chosen for its accessibility and flexibility.

In parallel with the design of the kits, a one-day hackathon was organized at the Paul-Jarry school on May 24, 2018. The event brought together five elementary classes in the school's gymnasium for a marathon filled with challenges with micro: bits. The documentation for this day is also available on the GitBook - Techno Culture Club

To learn more or simply benefit from support for setting up a classroom activity, you can contact Techno Culture Club by email.

To find out more about the organization, you can also visit the website.

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