Young people and distance education

There are several resources to help teachers start distance education. What about the other side of the screen? Students must also adapt to this new reality. Here are some ideas to share with them.

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There are several resources to help teachers set up distance learning, which we have in particular listed in this article. What about the other side of the screen? Students must also adapt to this new reality. Here are some ideas to share with them.

RÉCIT FAD - Good practices at home (for young people!)

Interesting infographic containing tips for a successful home school experience, such as arranging your workspace. 

FAD STORY - Netiquette in videoconferencing

Interesting infographic aimed at the teacher, some elements of which also apply to the pupil, for example making sure to have a neutral background to keep his privacy. 

It must be considered that distance schooling also requires adjustments in the way young people learn.  According to the FEEP, a task can take up to twice as long to complete at home. Hence the importance of communicating with the teacher about the workload that is required.

In the text Adapt to distance learning courses, Université Laval confirms that “this method of teaching requires however more autonomy on the part of the students who must manage their pace of learning… Thus, for some students, this will entail an additional requirement in terms of motivation. . To maintain this motivation, discussing the material with friends or revising with classmates can help maintain interest. Giving yourself moments of respite also helps you keep your balance with other aspects of everyday life.

It is important to let students know that they are not on their own, despite the distance. They should not hesitate to ask their teachers for help if they have questions about the content of the course or the instructions in general.

In short, according to our readings, to succeed in a distance education situation, the key remains communication, feedback and interactions.

In addition, Carrefour education offers you its thematic guide on distance learning, a directory of free tools to support home education.

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