Entrepreneurship online: an exciting project for young and old

The big day of small entrepreneurs offers a technologically enhanced formula for the 2021 edition, while young entrepreneurs can experience online commerce.

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Reinventing themselves and turning to digital commerce is what our entrepreneurs here have done in the past year with courage and resilience. Entrepreneurial resilience being what it is, many have managed to turn this difficult situation into a business opportunity, allowing them to better meet the needs of their clients.

The big day of small entrepreneurs (LGJPE) has also decided to follow suit by offering a technologically improved formula for the 2021 edition!

The big day is on its 8e year of operation. Since 2014, young people from 5 years old have been setting up their small business from scratch, from the idea to the official sales day in June, in the form of a kiosk.

Forced to cancel last year because of COVID-19, the organizers rolled up their sleeves and worked extra hard this year to offer a renewed experience with a digital flavor, accessible and practical for young and old. Thanks to the support of its local partner, WebSelf, LGJPE offers young people the chance to create their own online sales platform including secure credit card payment, all in just a few clicks.

“On The Big Day, June 5, if the kiosks cannot be held, customers who have purchased online will be able to pick up their order at a contactless collection point. We are thus inspired by modus operandi shopping centers and boutiques that are located on the street. And if the kiosks can be made, these customers will still be able to pick up their order directly from the small entrepreneur and complete their purchases at the same time, ”argues Catherine Morissette, CEO and co-founder of LGJPE.

The young people will thus have the happiness of undertaking their project and living through each stage of it, despite the confinement and sanitary measures. The lessons learned in connection with such a project are extremely numerous and positive. The youngster puts his writing and arithmetic skills into practice. It also develops self-confidence, creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance.

Also, the Quebec platform Pitchonair, another partner of the event, will allow young participants to set up their virtual guestbook so that their customers can leave a message of encouragement or congratulations following their purchase.

The new technological means deployed by LGJPE will also facilitate the promotion of small businesses on social networks. Parents and friends will be able to proudly share the company page created by their child in order to promote it.

“In addition to working on all the elements that go hand in hand with starting a small business (production, finance, promotion, sales), children are given one more string to their bow: knowledge of online commerce! All in a secure digital environment. We equip them for their future. "

All over Quebec, young people can register and benefit from the tools available to them to move forward with their ideas and turn them into businesses. Volunteers, organizations and carrefours jeunesse emploi (CJE), to name a few, also help to mobilize and organize collection points by sector.

“We really feel that young people want to have positive and promising projects, they want to take action, to undertake… we want to give them the space and the means to do so. - Catherine Morissette.

Several young people have already registered for La grande jour which will take place on June 5, 2021, in all regions of Quebec. Stay tuned for small businesses that emerge in your industry to encourage them. To do this, visit the interactive map, available under the "Encourage" tab of the site.

To register for La grande jour, have access to all the tools and resources (registration cost: 7.50 $):

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Annik De Celles
Annik De Celles is a teacher by training. After more than 15 years in the field of education at the secondary level, she has an entrepreneurial sting and founded her own company in the agri-food sector that she operates, while teaching part-time, until 2016. In 2017, Annik leaves teaching to become general manager of Septembre éditeur. She uses her passion for educational issues, the world of books and entrepreneurship, in addition to getting involved in various organizations. Annik is the author of 3 healthy cookbooks and 2 practical guides in entrepreneurship.

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