Why Take Google's Level 1 Education Training?

The Google suite offers several platforms that are gaining popularity with education players. In fact, many of these web applications are intended to be used in a learning context.

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The Google suite offers several platforms that are gaining popularity with education players. In fact, many of these web applications are intended to be used in a learning context.

Whether it's Classroom, Drive, Document, Sheet, Agenda or Drawings, there are advantages to integrating them into our teaching and planning. To allow educational players to better master its software, Google offers online basic training on each platform.  

How does the training work?

Arriving on the page of Google for education, you must enter your username and password to access Google tools. Then, the training offer page appears. The basic training is the one that will be discussed in this article, but I invite you to consult the complete offer which is very interesting.  

On the main page we see the modules that explore one or more applications from the Google suite. For each subject, it is possible to read or listen to testimonials from teachers who explain how they use the platforms in the classroom (hello, Pineapple Charter!). So, as the training progresses, we learn to use the Google suite in context, with the help of concrete examples placed in sub-themes. 

Finally, at the end of each sub-topic, a few questions are proposed in order to validate our understanding and the topics are assessed more deeply after each module. Ratings are in the form of response choices. When all the topics are completed and the assessments for each of them are successful, we are eligible for the final exam which takes place online, remotely. 

The whole process can take between 20 and 30 hours to complete. And I can guarantee you that ultimately Google applications will hold no secrets for you. 

What do I have to gain from it?

First off, you're probably telling yourself that this training takes time, but it's a worthwhile investment. Indeed, the training fits well into our schedule because it is designed so that learners can complete one module at a time. Whether you want to do it in a week or a year, you can stick to your own pace. The platform keeps track of all the steps you complete.

Then, if you ever have ideas for projects that you never see the outcome of because you are missing "THE" miracle application, you may find your questions answered in the discovery of the Google suite. Indeed, throughout the learning process, the training focuses on the use of applications in the school context, it is therefore possible to project oneself. Pushing your limits with digital technology thus seems easier and more accessible to us.  

Finally, you can become a resource person in your team to help your colleagues or students in their professional development in connection with the technological tools of the Google suite. Since this platform is used more and more in education, this represents one more string in your bow!

To continue to fuel your curiosity, here are two interesting links: Google for Education YouTube channel and a video presenting applications which is discussed quickly. 

Good discovery! 

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