#DevProf: Several new features in preparation for CADRE21

The École branchée took advantage of the summer to discuss with the director of CADRE21, Sébastien Stasse. The organization dedicated to the professional development of French-speaking school personnel will have several new features to offer in the coming months.

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A few days before the end of the last school year, the CADRE21 unveiled a first training course intended for players in higher education in Quebec, developed in partnership with FADIO. The École branchée took advantage of the summer to discuss with the director of CADRE21, Sébastien Stasse, who told us about the new features to come.

The training unveiled in June is entitled "Evaluation tasks in distance education for higher education ". It offers an assessment process based on a skills-based approach, which also takes into account various issues related to distance training (FAD). It was specifically designed for the higher education sector. This is therefore a first for CADRE21, an organization dedicated to the professional development of French-speaking school personnel. 

“FADIO has expertise in distance education in higher education. On our side, we had the knowledge about asynchronous training. In total, five training courses on the FAD axis will be offered thanks to this partnership and the support of the Quebec Ministry of Education. The training will be adapted for higher education, general training for young people, adult training and vocational training ”, indicates Sébastien Stasse, director of CADRE21.

The next training courses that will be made available over the next few months will focus on evaluation procedures for general training for young people, active pedagogy, pedagogical scripting and the distance learning experience. They should all be available by February 2022, just in time for the next one. Distance learning week

Other trainings to come

In addition to the new focus on distance training, the self-study courses offered by CADRE21 mainly allow teachers to develop their skills in connection with the use of digital technology, teaching strategies and classroom management. In the coming months, training courses already offered, such as classroom management and design thinking, will be updated.

“We are also preparing new training courses on subjects such as the immersive environment, the high potential learner and the creative laboratory. In addition, a component relating to the development of pedagogical leadership is being developed for school administrators and pedagogical advisers ”, specifies Mr. Stasse. 

In addition, training developed in partnership could be more and more present at CADRE21. “These training courses are tailor-made and go beyond the walls of schools. This allows us to reach different audiences, all in connection with education, ”remarks Sébastien. 

For example, the SEXTO training is now followed by police officers who do prevention in schools. This training was developed thanks to the collaboration of the City of Saint-Jérôme and its police service (SPVSJ), the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), the Canadian Center for Child Protection, the Center d help for victims of crime (CAVAC), CSS de la Rivière-du-Nord and Académie Lafontaine. 

Training will also be deployed for coaches of school sports teams to equip them in their communications with student-athletes and their parents.

It is therefore to be continued!

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