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This fall, the École branchée is offering 4 editions of its CréaCamp in several regions of Quebec. In order to choose the edition that suits you, here is an overview of the ever-varied themes that will be offered.

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At the start of the school year, the time has come to plan your professional development activities. How about living a training day focused on educational innovation on a human scale? This fall, the École branchée is offering 4 editions of its CréaCamp in several regions of Quebec. In order to choose the edition that suits you, here is an overview of the ever-varied themes that will be offered on September 20, October 18, November 1 and December 6.

You have not yet participated in a CréaCamp?

Do not wait any longer before having your first experience. This is a unique and affordable formula where you can explore a creative subject of your choice among a variety of options resolutely focused on 21e century. You will discover digital tools and experience innovative pedagogical approaches in a climate of trust and with the support of experienced facilitators.

By participating in a CréaCamp, you are giving yourself a precious time in order to appropriate the tools and approaches that you want to integrate into your practice. You will be placed in participatory and collaborative and will be able to reinvest quickly your discoveries and develop your professional network.

To find out what participants appreciate about their CréaCamp experience, we invite you to read their testimonies on our news feed or to watch our Educational meetings held with participants and facilitators (CréaCamp playlist)

The CréaCamp Bellechasse: spotlight on educational robotics

Organized in collaboration with the Boite à science, the CréaCamp on September 20 will take place at École aux Quatre-Vents (CS Côte-du-Sud). Do you have no knowledge of programming and robotics yet? Or do you already master several concepts and want to go further in order to target new educational intentions for your students? Vincent Bilodeau, Frédéric Gagnon and Dave Tardif will be there to support you.

In addition, for those who would like to think about new evaluation strategies, Catherine Michaud will be back for a third consecutive year to lead, in collaboration with Pierre-Olivier Jetté, the theme Evaluate otherwise. Finally, you will also be able to explore the educational and creative potential of iPads with Maxime Laflamme, educational advisor at École branchée.

Start your year off on the right foot by registering for CréaCamp Bellechasse!

The CréaCamp Québec: a bit of everything, even for physical education teachers

The first edition of the year in the National Capital will appeal to teachers of all levels and all disciplines as well as educational advisers and school administrators. One of the novelties that will be proposed during the CréaCamp on October 18 is the theme allowing to explore the possibilities of digital in physical education. 

Mathematics teachers will also be particularly targeted with the theme of Mélanie Boucher and Nancy Guérette Towards a flexible mathematics classroom.

Whether it is to reflect and discuss topics as current as digital citizenship, augmented reality and fake news, to discover and imagine collaborative writing projects or to develop your understanding of various digital tools promoting project planning, the October 18 CréaCamp is for you!

The CréaCamp Montreal: discover new applications

A most creative day awaits you at Terre-des-Jeunes School on November 1st. The workshops offered will give you tools and innovative ideas to promote the engagement of your students, in multiple ways: creative laboratories, educational creativity with iPads and Chromebooks, literary creation, digital portfolio and educational robotics. 

Still not convinced? Discover this Kevin Pye column who participated in the first CréaCamp of Terre-des-Jeunes last year and who will act this fall as an expert-facilitator!

The CréaCamp Trois-Pistoles: your last chance with the holiday break

And to end the fall on a high note, we are offering a colorful edition at Trois-Pistoles high school with the dynamic team of the Fleuve-et-des-Lacs school board!

Participants will have the chance to choose from a variety of themes led by experienced facilitators: programming and robotics in high school, virtual and augmented reality, educational creativity with iPads, creative mathematics and assessment / feedback (making learning visible).

To add to the magic of the day, you will have the chance to see young people in action and discover the resources available through the educational lab through a presentation by the librarian. 

So which CréaCamp will you choose? To know everything and to register, it's this way.

Some reminders

  • Those who have already experienced a CréaCamp can become "CréaCampeur VIP" by registering with a colleague who has never participated before. You will then get 25$ in the École branchée online store!
  • Ask your management! Measures 15084 and 15085 make it possible in particular to free up teaching staff and to assume the cost of their participation in a CréaCamp.
  • At the end of a CréaCamp, participants and facilitators obtain a digital badge of Framework 21, which testifies to their commitment to continuing education.

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