An entrepreneurial project to rekindle the scientific flame

On the occasion of the CréaCamp on May 17 in Valcartier, we met Pierre-Olivier Cloutier and his secondary 5 students from Mont-Saint-Sacrement school who spoke to us about their entrepreneurial outdoor classroom project focusing on collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

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On the occasion of the CréaCamp on May 17 in Valcartier, we met Pierre-Olivier Cloutier, Secondary 4 and 5 teacher at Mont-Saint-Sacrement high school, as well as his students Karen, Laurie and Sophie, who talk to us of their outer class, an authentic project focusing on collaboration and interdisciplinarity for the students of the general sciences course.

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

In Pierre-Olivier's general science class, the students did not choose to do science. This year, what could have been a tedious obligation has turned into a major entrepreneurial project promoting commitment and interdisciplinary learning. For Karen, Laurie and Sophie, the ability to set goals for themselves and work as a team with people of similar interests was a highlight of their senior year in high school.

In this interview, Pierre-Olivier explains that it is the desire to showcase the achievements of his students on a larger scale than the class as well as the desire to attach academic content to real life situations that have brought to imagine this outdoor classroom project. His reflection was also initiated by a discussion with the deputy director general of the organization Idée education entrepreneuriale, which puts forward an educational model in which students initiate, carry out and manage projects that meet a need or a real problem.

We invite you to listen to the interview to discover the testimony of Karen, Laurie and Sophie as well as to hear Pierre-Olivier about the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial philosophy in high schools.

To learn more about the entrepreneurial approach and the educational model that inspired Pierre-Olivier, visit the Entrepreneurial Education Idea website. You can also listen our educational meeting with Alain Poitras, of the Francophone Sud school district or read our article An entrepreneurial, educational, Acadian and intercultural experience.

Do you want to go further? Register for the first Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education on November 2 in Quebec, during which École branchée will be a media partner.

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