Stimulating ideas, creating sparks: the iPad at the service of creativity

Feedback on the Bootcamp Creativity workshop (presented at AQUOPS) aiming to create, collaborate, solve problems and meet different challenges with the iPad.

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During the 35th AQUOPS conference, we attended the workshop Creativity Bootcamp, aiming to create, collaborate, solve problems and take on different challenges with iPad. Sharing.

During the 35e AQUOPS colloquium, which took place from April 11 to 13, 2017, the first day was dedicated to hands-on workshops allowing participants to take the time to experience concretely the educational approach or the technological tool selected. I attended the workshop " Creativity Bootcamp ", animated by Corinne Gilbert, director of educational services, and her colleagues from the Juvénat Notre-Dame du Saint-Laurent.

The aim of the workshop? "Create, collaborate, solve problems and meet different challenges (15) with the iPad, inspired by the work of Craig Badura @mrbadura - App Task Challenges. "



Creativity was in the spotlight throughout the workshop. In the first part, Ms. Gilbert spoke about the development of creativity and the creative process. She mentioned that in order to be creative, it is imperative to be curious.

Ms. Gilbert made us do the exercise presented in the video below. It is a very interesting exercise to carry out to initiate a reflection, as much with the interveners as with the young learners.

This primer then makes it possible to better understand the importance of the conditions favoring creativity.


The winning conditions for creating innovative ideas

photo : Julie R.-Bordeleau
photo: Julie R.-Bordeleau

Note that creativity is present in the curriculum of the Quebec school training program (MEES, 2001) under the transversal competence Implement your creative thinking which presents the components and criteria for evaluating the competency. The challenge therefore comes down to integrating the use of creative thinking into its teaching.


The creative process

Regarding the creative process, its 5 stages, according to Gillian Ferrabee (parameters and objectives, spurt of ideas, prototypes, production and launch), were presented to us. Ms. Corinne Gilbert illustrated this process in pictures by dividing the stages differently.

photo : Julie R.-Bordeleau
photo: Julie R.-Bordeleau

She emphasized the sharing of the production resulting from a creative process. Through sharing, creators put more effort into the task. She recalled that learners need to achieve concrete and meaningful things for them. They are very motivated when they have to share their achievements on the web in order to receive comments or some appreciation.


The tablet: an all-in-one toolbox

Before presenting the challenges to be achieved, the facilitators introduced the essential tools of the iPad, for the uninitiated. These tools are very interesting to know because they hide practical features.

photo : Julie R.-Bordeleau
photo: Julie R.-Bordeleau

In a context of sharing productions, it is possible to use different platforms: Google suite For Education, portal, Edmodo, Google Classroom, Moodle, etc. It is up to the teacher to choose a platform that suits him while validating its terms of use. Thus, it will be interesting to discuss the concepts of digital citizenship with the learners.


IPad applications to develop creativity

photo : Julie R.-Bordeleau
photo: Julie R.-Bordeleau

Here are the applications favoring creation that we were invited to explore during the workshop. Note that although they were used on iPad, the majority of these apps are also available on iOS, Android or online. In addition, most have free versions, which is very interesting when you want to discover the application and validate its relevance before purchasing it.

iMovie : Enabling the creation of videos, iMovie requires good planning before you get started so that the work is worth it.

Explain everything : to create videos and comment with white screen or video. It is possible to work collaboratively on its free version.

Green Screen Do Ink : Application allowing the use of a green screen to then add a video or personalized background. Paid application that takes the creative potential of a project up a notch.

Book Creator : An application used to create a book, Book Creator is very popular with iPad users. Available on Android and Google Play, it would even be available on the web this summer.

Thinglink : Thinglink allows you to make interactive links from images. By adding anchors, it is possible to link to images, videos or external resources such as websites.

Paper 53 : Sketch tool note (sketchnote), Paper 53 allows you to create illustrations, notes and concept networks using a tablet stylus. It is also possible to co-create thanks to a premium account, which also adds the use of layers.

Puppet Pals : Similar to Tellagami, Puppet Pals allows you to create puppets. It can be used to create scenarios in order to work on a second language or to overcome the embarrassment of facing a camera while working on your speaking skills.

Koma Koma : Application allowing to create a style video, the use of Koma Koma is very simple with its 4 buttons. It is possible to see the onion skin (each image making up the video) and the last photo taken is always transparent. We also suggest having a support to hold the iPad upright to facilitate taking photos. The ideal frame rate is 15 frames / second.

Garage Band : A basic music creation tool, Garage Band allows non-musicians to create soundtracks. These can create an atmosphere in a video or to accompany an oral text.

Keynote or Google Slides : Presentation creation tool, Google Slides is part of the Google Suite. By using Slides, the created documents are available in the cloud and it is possible to collaborate on the same document by sharing it with his teammates.

Can go : A simplified graphics application, Canva is perfect for creating your own infographics, featured images, posters, images adapted to each social network, etc. It is even possible to create tailor-made productions there.

Tellagami : Using animated avatars, Tellagami allows you to create short 30-second videos. By using a green screen as a wallpaper, you can reuse a video created in another application like Green Screen Do Ink and add the video background of your choice to it.

To these applications we could add Moldiv, to create photo collages, and Patterns which creates wrapping paper style images. Furthermore, Plans or Google maps allow you to consult, modify and / or work on satellite maps.


Things to consider when building using apps

  • If the application used is new for the learners, or even for the teacher, it is good to allow 5 minutes to browse it and discover the different functions it offers. A group feedback will make it possible to share each other's discoveries and perhaps to identify experts who can be consulted if the need arises.
  • When creating images, photos, or videos in an app, you must save the created file to Camera Roll before using it in a new app. The appsmashing (going through several apps to reach a final goal) will therefore be facilitated and the creative potential of the applications will be duplicated.


Open, engaging and motivating challenges

The challenges proposed and carried out during this day allowed participants to take the time to explore the applications and assess their educational potential. It is interesting to see that with a dozen applications, it is possible to create almost anything you want. It only depends on our openness and our educational creativity!

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