Which CréaCamp will you choose for spring?

This spring, the École branchée offers 4 more editions of its CréaCamp… and there is something for everyone! In order to choose the right professional development activity for you, here is an overview of the themes that will be offered.

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A new stage, a new season, and why not a new training course on educational innovation on a human scale? This spring, the École branchée offers you another 4 editions of its CréaCamp… and there is something for everyone! In order to choose the right professional development activity for you, here is an overview of the themes that will be offered on April 12, April 30, May 10 and May 17.

You have not yet participated in a CréaCamp?

Do not wait any longer before having your first experience. This is a unique and affordable formula where you can explore a creative subject of your choice among a variety of options resolutely focused on 21e century. You will discover digital tools and experience innovative pedagogical approaches in a climate of trust and with the support of experienced facilitators.

By participating in a CréaCamp, you are giving yourself a precious time in order to appropriate the tools and approaches that you want to integrate into your practice. You will be placed in participatory and collaborative and will be able to reinvest quickly your discoveries and develop your professional network.

To find out what participants appreciate about their CréaCamp experience, we invite you to read their testimonies on our news feed or to listen Bianca Girard's podcast performed during CréaCamp Ottawa on February 27th.

The CréaCamp Québec: experience the NumériQC week at the Musée de la civilization

The CréaCamp on April 12 will take place in the unique and friendly environment of the Musée de la civilization de Québec, in particular in its digital creation and experimentation laboratory inaugurated in 2018, the MLab Creaform. You will be able to benefit from the expertise of Benoit Petit, Marjorie Paradis, Patrick Touchette, Nadine Davignon and Patrick Burton to explore the following themes: digital identity and citizenship; digital manufacturing; creative and robotic programming with the iPad.

Do you want to put a little Museum in your teaching, engage and empower your students in the use of digital tools, discover the multiple possibilities of the iPad to develop creativity? This edition is for you!

The CréaCamp Montreal: special edition on learning disabilities

In collaboration with the Institute for Learning Disabilities and the educational store, the CréaCamp of April 30 is the dream edition for special education teachers and for various professionals in schools. Teachers and even parents who want to explore new ways to coach, support and motivate their students will find something to suit them.

This day will give you the opportunity to:

  • Understand the positive impacts of flexible layout on learning and adapt your classroom management according to this new environment;
  • Discover applications and software to build your own toolbox and design activities aimed at the development and enrichment of vocabulary;
  • Explore concrete tools for living Universal Design for Learning (UDL) daily;
  • To put the educational robotics at the service of school perseverance.

The partners (Institute of Learning Disabilities, Druide, Brault & Bouthilier, Educational Boutique, Lexibar, Medialexie and Vanguard School) will be on hand to present their resources to you.

The CréaCamp Drummondville: special edition for managers

School managers too can take the time to explore and deepen innovative approaches to develop their leadership and foster the professional development of their team.

The CréaCamp of May 10, organized in collaboration with the team from the Office for the implementation of the Digital Action Plan in Education (BMOPAN) will bring together recognized facilitators, such as Benoit Petit (National Service of RÉCIT for the development of the person) , Jacques Cool (Executive 21), Marius Bourgeois (EscouadeÉDU) and Jean-Sébastien Reid (Idea of entrepreneurial education).

Register to reflect on citizenship in the digital age, digital pedagogical leadership, the entrepreneurial posture of the manager and more.

The CréaCamp Valcartier: special edition Social universe

Educational innovation aimed at engaging your students in their learning in history or geography will no longer hold any secrets for you after CréaCamp on May 17. And as a bonus, the day will take place in the heart of nature, in the enchanting setting of Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier.

For the last CréaCamp of the school year, teachers of the social universe of all levels and teaching networks will have the chance to choose from various themes animated by experienced facilitators: the sketchnote to make thinking visual ; carrying out a historical survey through 3D modeling, the integration of musical works, virtual reality and Google geo tools.

So which CréaCamp will you choose?

To know everything and to register, it's this way.

Some reminders

  • Those who have already experienced a CréaCamp can become "CréaCampeur VIP" by registering with a colleague who has never participated before. You will then get 25$ in the École branchée online store!
  • Ask your management! Measures 15084 and 15085 make it possible in particular to free up teaching staff and to assume the cost of their participation in a CréaCamp.
  • At the end of a CréaCamp, participants and facilitators obtain a digital badge of Framework 21, which testifies to their commitment to continuing education.

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