The New Trades Game: a stimulating educational adventure

Creative and educational, the game of new professions was invented to discover, know and enrich the universe of new professions and question the necessary skills.

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By Catherine Lorenzo, teacher and trainer in French as a Foreign Language, specializing in tailor-made French courses.

The jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist. 85% of jobs for 2030 would not yet exist (Study by the Think tank "Institute for the Future" Dell Technologies). At the last World Economic Forum in Davos, it was estimated that new emerging occupations should drop from 16% to 27% in large companies, while jobs affected by obsolescence are expected to increase. decrease from 31% to 21% .

How to guide young people towards the professions of tomorrow?

How to respond to this statement: " I don't know what to do later "? With four professional coaches / trainers, specializing in guidance for young people and professional retraining, it was clear that the presence of traditional professions often obscured the view. It is in this context that they set up a working group in order to identify a certain number of professions to be considered and especially a possible study plan.

The creation of New professions game is the culmination of this reflection started in March 2016. The development of this game went through a period of research and classifications. The working group's methodology made it possible to distinguish the evolutions of professions, the “old” new professions, emerging professions and futuristic professions which lack neither humor nor poetry. The distinction criteria include the sector, technical and transversal skills, the presence of schools and / or dedicated diplomas, the title of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) existing or attached in France, the existence of professional federations, as well as occurrences on LinkedIn. The group has also set up a watch on new professions to counter the intrinsic obsolescence of the very subject of novelty.

In short :

  • The game of new professions was invented to enrich and disseminate the sparse culture of the professions of tomorrow;
  • It was designed to question new and necessary skills as well as to transmit this culture as a common good, because, by definition, there will always be jobs in the making;
  • The subject of new professions is also a subject of languages. Many new professions are appearing in the English language and the working group ensures to offer a French translation for a better appropriation and dissemination of the subject. An English version of the game is planned.

The game of new professions: an educational tool

It is a game for discovering, knowing, enriching the universe of new professions and opening up the field of possibilities. It is creative and educational and offers the opportunity to explore and decipher the universe of future professions. It was imagined and designed to be used in coaching, in schools and of course with the family. It is also planned for skills assessments, seminars and in-company training.

It is a game of a hundred cards to facilitate sharing and creativity. It's made of new profession cards divided into five large groups that offer a concise and clear definition of the new profession, challenge cards to reflect, question this moving subject and fuel reflection and finally, to definition cards to better understand and understand the concepts and skills of tomorrow.

The game of new professions is aimed at:

  • guidance professionals: guidance counselor, guidance coach, career adviser, senior middle and high school teachers;
  • to all information and guidance offices, such as CIO, CIDJ, BDI and CDI in middle and high schools.

The game is on presale on the kisskissbankbank crowdfunding platform since May 20, 2019.

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