An immersive class to immerse yourself in your future profession

The CFP des Riverains, a vocational training center located in Repentigny, recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art immersive virtual reality class.

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Since more and more companies are asking for employees capable of adapting quickly to technological innovations, the CFP des Riverains, a vocational training center located in Repentigny in the Montreal region, has decided to take up the challenge. How? 'Or' What ? By arranging an immersive virtual reality classroom at the cutting edge of technology in a 360-degree environment.

As we know, vocational training is often criticized. Certain authors such as Jacques Tondreau and Marcel Robert write, in their work on The Quebec school, appeared in 2011, that, since the mid-1990s, “the attraction for this type of training for young people is not as strong as one would like”.

With the creation of its immersive class, the CFP des Riverains offers its students a completely impressive experience based on interactive technology.

When the educational advisor within the CFP, Jonathan Perron-Miville juggled with a 3D formula, adapted to professional training, he quickly put aside the virtual reality headsets that he considered too individualistic. "I was looking for something that would bring more of a group together." Then, the Quebec firm IMMERSIVE Design Studios caught the attention of his organization.

An immersive classroom for all

At the CFP des Riverains, students can learn hairdressing, building design, accounting, sales or even secretarial skills. It was therefore important that this new class be able to meet the specific requirements of each profession. The various scenarios put in place are there to represent situations that students may be confronted with upon their arrival in the labor market.

Photo credit: Frédéric Dagenais, audiovisual technician CFP des Riverains

Mr. Perron-Miville explains that, for example, they went to shoot in a hairdressing salon. In progress, future hairdressers can thus analyze the inventory, in particular the way in which the products offered to customers are arranged.

In building design, we will go more into visualizing the making of concrete, while in sales, we are able to reproduce the interior of a car dealership in order to put students in an environment similar to what they will live later.

In a CFP near you

With just a few clicks, students can travel without having to travel. This is a bit like what happened in the classroom of computer teacher Tommy Paulhus. As part of a problem-solving course, with the advice of his educational advisor, he brought his students inside a spaceship! They had 15 minutes to answer a questionnaire, to find a solution, otherwise the spaceship of Mr. Paulhus' class would be close to disaster!

For the teacher, it is clear that the immersive classroom brings "a change of dynamics". They are more active. Depending on the course, they also have the choice of being seated or standing.

For her part, Véronyk-Émylie Dinelle, a CFP student, nods. The new immersive classroom "allows you to stay awake more". She who says she loves multimedia considers that the CFP and its new creature allow to approach the computer with more creativity.

During the press conference in May, which announced the inauguration of this new educational tool, the Premier of Quebec himself, François Legault, mentioned that the immersive class was a way of motivating students "and improve their training. It will also strengthen the status of the CFP des Riverains as a leader in computer science in the education sector. "

Main photo credit: Frédéric Dagenais, audiovisual technician CFP des Riverains

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