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On October 28th, the 5th edition of the EdCamp Le Sommet event was held, organized by the Centre de services scolaires des Premières-Seigneuries (CSSDPS). This edition was eagerly awaited and the 250 available places were quickly filled. A look back at the event with members of the organizing committee.

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On October 28th, the 5th edition of the EdCamp Le Sommet event was held, organized by the Centre de services scolaires des Premières-Seigneuries (CSSDPS). This edition was eagerly awaited and the 250 available places were quickly filled. A look back at the event with members of the organizing committee.

"As soon as the announcement of the the event By the end of the 2021-2022 school year, we had sensed the enthusiasm of teachers to participate. The last edition was held in October 2019 just before the pandemic; people were eager to get together to share their teaching practices. It must be said that digital technology is more present than ever in our schools," says Jessy Rodrigue, resource person for the local RÉCIT at CSSDPS.

By definitionAn EdCamp is a gathering where participants do not know in advance what topics will be discussed or what discussions or workshops they will attend. The program is built the same day, according to the proposals made by the participants. Of course, some participants arrive more prepared than others with ideas for topics they wish to present to their colleagues. 

"The informal nature of the EdCamp concept means that some teachers who have never led a workshop before dare to do so. For some, this is their first step in a public presentation of their pedagogical practices and the exchanges are all the richer," says Jessy Rodrigue.

Varied programming

"From the beginning of the day, participants were told that they would be overwhelmed with new tools! The important thing for them to remember was that they had to start with a pedagogical intention. They were asked to identify a learning project, what they wanted their students to learn. By setting a learning objective, it was easier for them to make their workshop choices," Jessy continues. 

Workshop (given by Mélanie Bernier, Charles Gagnon and Sarah Côté, CSSPS)

In all, 4 blocks of 8 workshops were presented during the day. Of course, the themes mainly revolved around practices related to the use of digital technology in the classroom. The use of the Chromebook, the integration of programming and robotics, the discovery of Minecraft, and the recording of podcasts were among the topics discussed by the participants. Writing in the digital age, collaboration with cloud-based tools and the use of tablets with preschoolers were also on the agenda. The list of workshops is still available for those who would like to consult it. 

"The event was open to all teachers in Regions 03-12, but it must be said that the majority of participants were from our school service center. Therefore, the topics discussed were heavily influenced by the realities we experience in our CSS. For example, the integration of the 1 for 1 Chromebook is changing practices right now and teachers wanted to share good practices."

Participants came from preschool, elementary, secondary, vocational and general adult education. Some also came from private schools. Teachers, pedagogical advisors and administrators were present. Mario Asselin, Member of Parliament for Vanier-Les-Rivières and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Higher Education, also attended part of the discussions.

Tac-TIC Squad in action

Throughout the day, young people from the Escouade Tac-TIC from Le Sommet high school, where the EdCamp was held, were on hand to provide technical support to the facilitators of the various workshops. On a daily basis, these young people form a group of students who are experts in technology and who give a hand to the teachers.

The Tac-Tic Squad (there are all the young people in the photo of the Photobooth, which they were working on during the day; one girl is missing from the second photo)

Youth from the group even volunteered to lead a workshop at the end of the day. "It was an educational day for them. They could have been off at home, but they were engaged and proactive throughout the day. They felt very helpful. The experience was really rewarding for them," concludes Geneviève St-Arnaud-Gaboury, also a member of the organizing committee.

Organizers are already announcing a 2023 edition for the EdCamp Le Sommet event. Details will be announced in due course on the website or via social networks. Stay tuned!

A video summary of the day:

Members of the organizing committee: 

  • The team of professionals in digital pedagogy (PPN) (RÉCIT local to CSSPS): Jessy Rodrigue, Geneviève St-Arnaud-Gaboury, Étienne Filteau, Peggy Rail, Sylvie Perron, Annie Côté, Geneviève Duguay, Mark Miller
  • Julie Langlois, Techno-pedagogical leader at Le Sommet school
  • Stéphanie Lemieux, Assistant Principal of Le Sommet School 
  • Mélanie Jolin and Fred Lavoie, coordinators at the Service de la transformation numérique et des ressources informnelles (STNRI) of the CSSPS

Members of the Tac-TIC Squad: 

  • Mickaël Daigle
  • Marie-Ève Coulombe
  • Charles Grenier
  • Esteban Rodriguez
  • Gédéon Clavet
  • Dimitri Lavoie 
  • Lauriane Ouellet
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