Tinkercad: a digital tool for everyone

In 2013, Autodesk, a creative software company, released a free 3D design app for kids ages 5 to 99.

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In 2013, Autodesk, a creative software company, released a free 3D design app for kids ages 5 to 99.

By Guillaume Bilodeau, IT resource teacher at the CSDM

This digital tool, used as part of a school project, allows students to acquire essential knowledge in mathematics and science such as moving from one unit of measurement to another, the notion of decimal numbers. , the registration in the Cartesian plane. The whole " while having fun »To build structures and models.

In addition, the use of this software by teachers responds more specifically to one of the three orientations of the Digital Action Plan tabled last April by the Minister of Education, namely to use digital technology as a vector of added value. in teaching and learning practices. At the same time, this allows him to develop several skills: exploiting the potential of digital technology for learning, developing his technological skills, innovating and being creative with digital technology.

The example of the Fernand-Séguin school

In this sense, the students of the computer brigade of the Fernand-Séguin school are in the process of setting up a virtual platform with the theme: First Peoples. An innovative and collaborative project that allows the student to develop, in turn, the three skills listed above and to reinvest the concepts explored in the social universe during their passage in third year. At the end of this project, the young people of our school will have the opportunity to visit the village of the Inuit, Algonquian and Iroquoian nations thanks to the virtual reality headset. Rift S and the platform Unity.

Here are some objects made with the Tinkercad software by the students of the brigade which will later be placed in this virtual environment:

Many possibilities of use

In addition, these digital works could be used for other purposes. First, a teacher could decide to print them in order to make a model with his students. Also, it is possible to import 3D objects on platforms for creating interactive experiences such as CoSpaces Edu. In addition, the Tinkercad software allows you to export 3D objects directly in the application. Merge Cube. Thus, the student has the opportunity to return home with his augmented reality cube in order to present to his family his achievements and those of his class partners.

Tinkercad is a digital tool that I invite you to explore with your family or with your students.

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About the Author

Guillaume Bilodeau
Guillaume Bilodeau
Guillaume is an ICT pedagogical advisor at the Montreal School Services Center (CSSDM). He has a bachelor's degree in preschool and elementary education from UQÀM and a bachelor's degree in secondary mathematics education from UQÀC. In addition, he is completing his DESS in educational management. As part of his graduate studies, he is more specifically interested in the establishment of learning communities in Quebec schools.

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