Digital in the classroom: Dozens of free online training courses for teachers

Robotics, a fleet of mobile devices, creative laboratories and new educational approaches will no longer hold any secrets thanks to the self-training offer unveiled yesterday as part of the implementation of the Digital Action Plan.

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Robotics, a fleet of mobile devices, creative laboratories and new educational approaches will no longer hold any secrets thanks to the free online training offer unveiled yesterday as part of the Digital Action Plan.

Unless you were on vacation on a desert island since May 29, it is unlikely that you have not heard of the Digital Education Action Plan if you teach in Quebec! And if so, we will be happy to tell you about it!

We were impatiently awaiting the date of September 10, 2018: today was unveiled the first phase of the “training” component of the famous “digital combos” which schools were able to take advantage of.

The "digital combos": equipment and training

Let us first remember that last spring, Quebec schools were invited to formulate intentions for the massive purchase of equipment to be chosen from three categories, namely the robotic, the creative lab and the fleet of devices mobile. Over the summer the purchases were completed and now is the time to think about training.

We were eager to know how an offer to meet the needs of so many professionals at the same time would be broken down. For this first step, we focused on self-training and announced the large-scale deployment of an “evolving training offer that will be improved over the months according to the needs of the environment”.

And this offer is now articulated thanks to the work of the partners that are the STORY and the CADRE21.

Here are a few examples:

Educational robotics

Here are also some articles and resources offered by our partner Carrefour Éducation that deal with robotics and programming.

A must see :

Creative lab

And we allow ourselves to add our article suggestions:

And our interview The success factors of a digital manufacturing workshop at school, with Michel Choquette, one of the managers of makerspace from Beaubois College.

Mobile device fleets

Here too, we allow ourselves to add for you:

Outside Quebec? No worries, all these training courses are offered openly and free of charge.

If the RÉCIT training courses apply more directly to the educational uses of the tools, those of CADRE21 rather rely on pedagogical approaches. Here are some routes that are sure to interest you:

  • Collaborative writing training
  • Training on graphic organizers
  • Creative programming training
  • Reverse classroom training
  • Training in design thinking for education
  • Training on educational differentiation
  • Gamification training
  • Universal Design for Learning Training
  • Learner feedback training
  • Classroom management training

It was indicated that school boards and private schools in Quebec will shortly receive an email with a direct access link allowing them to access, free of charge, all CADRE21 training courses. Outside Quebec? It is still possible to register, for a fee.

Note of course that it will also always be possible to obtain support in person via the local or regional RÉCIT services.

Do not miss these three pages of RÉCIT which put in context the process of appropriation of the three components of digital combos. There are also interesting testimonials from teachers.

Do you want to go further or approach everything differently?

École branchée is also a partner in the training component of the PAN. Sign up at one of the editions of CréaCamps, creative training days for teachers. Each offers unique programming and is an extraordinary way to enrich your professional learning network while experimenting with new ideas, techniques or pedagogical approaches in the company of peers and guided by expert facilitators.

Upcoming: National Digital Days

To watch soon: more details on the National digital days, which are also part of the measures of the Digital Action Plan.


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