When meshes and pixels intertwine

At first glance, a yarn has nothing to do with new technologies. But in the Digital and Textiles workshop, presented at the most recent École en réseau (ÉER) conference, virtual participants were able to see that digital creativity has no limits.

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At first glance, a wool yarn has nothing to do with new technologies. And yet, in the workshop Digital and textilepresented at the most recent Networked School (REA), virtual participants saw that there is no limit to digital creativity.

Lise Cayouette is a teacher of 4e She has been a resource teacher for several years and, in this capacity, she raises awareness among her colleagues of the ERA projects. She has also been a resource teacher for several years and, in this capacity, she raises awareness among her colleagues about the ERA projects. It is thanks to people like her and others in the network that, by 2021, 300,000 students have been able to benefit from ERA activities.

At the network's colloquium last September, she conceived of her workshop as an exercise that would be integrated into a community of practice (COP), a group of individuals sharing a common domain and practice, to encourage participation by all. 

For Ms. Cayouette, the project Digital and textileThe aim of the workshop was "to develop co-constructed activities to introduce students to the exploration of the pixel as a means of developing creativity". The objective of the workshop was therefore to share knowledge and ideas around digital and textile art.

Brainstorming possibilities

Contrary to what one might think, according to the Gaspesian teacher, young people are patient when they learn sewing and knitting. When she introduces these activities in her classes, she usually finds that the students are not familiar with them. However, by allowing them to learn about these hobbies through design platforms, such as the Quebec initiative Relax wire or Pixel ArtThe challenge becomes interesting and motivating for them.

The use of the 3D printer can also be relevant for the printing of certain designs. This type of project can lead to a better understanding of the use of industrial knitting machines in the textile world.

Why not launch a project around the arrow belt? Or use the know-how of certain Aboriginal nations such as the Mi'kmaq to better master the art of beading? These are ideas that have also been brought forward and that can be done in class.

The project Digital and textile Ms. Cayouette's project not only allows young people to "do", it also allows them to reflect on the new possibilities brought about by digital technology in the production of clothing. This is precisely the case with so-called intelligent clothing, which is made from textiles capable of capturing and analyzing certain information thanks to electronic wires incorporated into their manufacture. A project that could be fascinating!

Lise Cayouette is available to support other teachers who would like to carry out digital and textile art activities. See the video of the workshop for the teacher's contact information at the end.

Ms. Cayouette's workshop can be viewed on YouTube.

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