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The RECIT Rendezvous: Digital Pedago Network

In this webinar, the advisers of RÉCIT in the field of languages presented the Réseau PédagoNumérique, a new platform that facilitates the continuing education of teachers through networking and the sharing of resources.

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On January 15, the second virtual Rendez-vous du RÉCIT was held. Six free workshops were offered online in order to introduce educational actors to various themes that could be explored within the framework of the Digital education action plan. The recordings of these workshops as well as the resources presented will be available on the RÉCIT website.

Sandra Laine and Johanne Proulx were at the head of a team of seven advisers from RÉCIT in the field of languages to present their new platform called Digital Pedago Network. Constantly evolving, this project is an opportunity for any teacher to engage in a continuing education process through networking and the sharing of resources which are thus facilitated.

Impacts on practice

From the mouths of the facilitators, several positive impacts on teachers' practice can result from the use of the PédagoNumérique Network. Indeed, networking facilitates collaboration in solving complex problems and offers the possibility of receiving feedback on the reflections and actions put forward. In addition, the sharing of content between pedagogical advisers and teachers allows the influence of the actors involved beyond the classroom and also builds on a feeling of competence of the creators.

A platform to collaborate

Sandra Laine and Johanne Proulx mention that RÉseau PédagoNumérique is a platform for co-learning, co-creating and innovating in a professional development context, putting pedagogical advisers and teachers at the heart of a collaborative process. The pooling of various educational resources and the networking of several educational actors allow users of the platform to have access to a maximum of support and support in the search for best practices to be adopted. Digital Pedago Network therefore provides teachers with a variety of open educational resources to support them in their practice and professional development. The integration of technology and digital technology is of course put forward in all the tools offered.

Preparation, Realization, Integration

The PédagoNumérique NETWORK platform is built in such a way that the 3 learning phases serve as beacons for the various resources offered. Research is therefore carried out by first targeting the moment of the teaching sequence, to then make room for the intended educational intention. From your teaching objective, you will ultimately have access to a host of resources, tutorials and videos to support student learning in French, the language of instruction. The tools are also available in English as a second language, by simply clicking on the “English” tab at the top of each page. In short, more than thirty collaborators currently allow the platform to offer you a wide range of educational possibilities in French and English while providing the winning conditions for the implementation of meaningful learning sequences.

A co-development approach

The PédagoNumérique Network project relies on an approach that places support and community of practice at the center of the professional development process. Networking and sharing are therefore privileged in the perspective where the experiences of some are used for the learning of others. Users of the PédagoNumérique Network are part of a co-development process where inspiration, creation, feedback and dissemination are an integral part of the process that will lead them to the best practices to be adopted.

Go to the platform Digital Pedago Network for more details.

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