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Fall issue of École branchée magazine offers ideas and resources for in-service teacher education

PRESS RELEASE - Engaging in a continuing education process is now part of the professional obligations of teachers in Quebec. In order to amplify the impact of its contribution to professional development, the École branchée devotes the fall edition of its magazine to this important subject.

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QUEBEC, September 2, 2021 - Engaging in a continuing education process is now part of the professional obligations of teachers in Quebec. In addition, the last two years have shown that digital education in schools can no longer be anecdotal, transversal or associated with a reward. How to reconcile the two when teaching?

In order to amplify the impact of its contribution to the professional development of school stakeholders in this regard, the École branchée is devoting the fall edition of its magazine to this important subject. “The Education Act recognizes several types of activities as part of professional development, such as reading specialized books, participating in training (conventions, training organized by external partners, events, etc.) , professional learning communities, among others, ”explains magazine editor and École branchée CEO Audrey Miller. 

It presents concrete tools and reflections to help teachers set up their own training path, as well as avenues to help management staff to express their leadership on the issue.

Numerous École branchée services make it possible to meet the requirements of this aspect of Law 40, including regular reading of the professional periodical and participation in Créamp training

This issue is available to subscribers or sold individually in the site online store.


The start of the 2021 school year also marks the start of the publication of the English version of the magazine École branchée, called Engaged Learning. Digital format subscribers have access to both versions, and it is also possible to purchase them. procure in print format.

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École branchée
École branchée
The École branchée, a non-profit organization, is your professional development partner in connection with digital competence in education. We believe that education must be able to benefit from current educational and technological advances to better meet the increasingly diverse needs of learners and promote their success, today and for the rest of their lives. We work there through our professional information services, continuing education and the creation of educational tools.

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