(Fifth part) The Infobourg tells you, over the months, the extraordinary adventure of two retirees from teaching who generously offer their time to share their ICT knowledge with the 15 school in Mayo, Mexico, within the framework of of an OLPC project.

On the occasion of their annual vacation in Mexico, Louise Le Bourdais and Guy Bergeron, education retirees and partners in life as well as in their passions, have in mind to bring an ICT project to life for young people from the school of Lo De Marcos thanks to the OLPC Foundation. Here is the fifth article in the series!

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It was on December 9 that the 2e teacher training. For this second training, they integrated a young person from the school, Alfonso (4th year), to assist them. Once again, this went off with great enthusiasm on the part of the participating teachers. “We had to insist that the teachers shut down their computers at the end of the period,” say Louise and Guy. "Hopefully it will continue like this!" ".

The training is structured in the form of projects (workshops - modular teaching). This formula is ideal considering that teachers are added or absent from one time to another.

The support and involvement of the school principal in relation to the project to use the XOs goes far beyond their expectations. “We are convinced that it will contribute to the success and the continuation of the project. "

On the logistics side, Guy asked a carpenter in the village about the possibility of making a piece of furniture on wheels to better store the 10 XO computers. He is also thinking of buying an alarm system for the principal's office, since it happens to be broken into. “I wouldn't want us to lose the computers,” he explains. “It is more and more talked about in the village that there are computers at school. "

At this point, the couple admit that the project occupies them much more than they initially thought. “You have to translate everything, making sure you use the right terminology. On the other hand, it is so the fun to see the reaction of the teachers and the principal, it encourages us to put even more energy! "

December 14 is the third training, the last before the holiday break. This time, they are happy to provide activity sheets including screenshots taken from the XO. “We now know how to do them, it will make the explanations even easier. There were more teachers in this training than in the first two. Luckily, the “workshops” formula allows newbies to start from the beginning and others to continue where they left off. Young Alfonso is still at the post. “We told him he would make a good teacher! "

After such a good job, it's time to celebrate! Guy and Louise happily take part in the teachers' “Christmas party”, even offering them as a gift the furniture to store the XOs that Guy had made in the village. “The manager immediately picked him up to go and place the XOs inside. He seemed very satisfied. We wanted it to be solid with a good theft protection lock. In addition, I even took time to varnish it. He is super handsome! "

Guy and Louise took advantage of the holiday break to rest a little and enjoy this part of the country even more. Despite the leave, they continued to polish the formations and got a little ahead of the next ones. “We think that from February, teachers will certainly want to live the experience with their students. "

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