COVID-19: Member companies of the Edteq Association are mobilizing to support schools and families

Members of the Association of Enterprises for the Development of Educational Technologies in Quebec (Edteq) announce support measures for schools and families that will be affected by school closures.

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Many companies in the “edtech” sector in Quebec and elsewhere are announcing support measures for schools and families who will be affected by school closures. Here are those concerning the members of theAssociation of Enterprises for the Development of Educational Technologies in Quebec (Edteq), of which École branchée is a member.

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Click here for the updated list by the Edteq Association!

We put to the provision of families and schools of numerous digital educational resources. This initiative follows the announcement of the closure of all schools in Quebec for a period of 2 weeks by the government.

The members of Edteq offer their expertise and the tools they have developed in order to preserve the achievements and contribute to the learning of Quebec students.

Several parents want to keep their children active academically to facilitate the return to school, supports the president of Edteq. In this exceptional period, we wish to make a positive contribution to the collective effort and collaborate with the education network.   

Shawn Young, President of the Edtrq Association
The free portal (over a million visitors!) offers a ton of practical, concrete and high-quality content to allow parents to better support and accompany their child in his school and personal development: thematic files (including one on the COVID-19), information and activity sheets, podcasts, etc. The site has recently offered web conferences on various current topics and issues facing parents. Watched from home, when it is most convenient, these web conferences offered by luminaries in their field will help parents to better equip themselves and to help their young. is there for you and your family. We offer you a free web conference (value of 25$) with Tristan Demers who offers activities to stimulate the creativity of our children. A gift that arrives at the right time! Use coupon code MAFAMILLE2020 here:
Of course, the resources ofAlloProf will be essential. Online exercises, explanations of school concepts, educational games, video clips… we bet that many of us will use them often! Founded in 1996, Alloprof is a charitable organization that offers free homework and lesson assistance to all elementary, secondary and general adult education students, as well as to parents of students in Quebec. Alloprof provides 8 services (a telephone service, a text message service and 6 online services) involving a team of qualified teachers and a virtual community made up of student helpers, parents and community stakeholders. 'education.
Marijo applications
The 1st and 2nd year Snakes & Ladders platforms will now be available to families in order to consolidate and learn new reading at home. This offer is exceptionally offered to families for 9,95$ for a period of 6 months. To place your order   The Kingdom of Sounds is a digital platform that allows students to develop their phonological awareness in a stimulating virtual environment. Developing phonological awareness in preschool students constitutes a factor in the protection of difficulties in learning to read and write. In this Covid-19 situation, the Kingdom of Sounds is FREE this year when your school subscribes for the 2020-2021 school year. Thus, your students confined at home will be able to develop their phonological awareness accompanied by their parents.
Brault and Bouthillier
Want tips and tricks for doing French and math at home while playing? Like the page Brault & Bouthillier Facebook to discover many ideas to keep brains active and join our specialists from Monday to Thursday for live capsules!
Geo History Map
Online History Course:
Geo History Map, the digital application that highlights historical themes and events chronologically and in space. Now available, the Secondary 1 and 2 program with self-correcting exercises and quizzes. Everything to end your year online! Full educational license for teachers or individuals offered at 19,95$ 
More information on
Chenelière Education
Free of all our digital resources Until the end of the current year or school term, all the educational resources for elementary, secondary, college and university offered on the platforms i + Interactive and i + Primary interactive are now available free for all of our current clients as well as for those who would like to use our resources to complete the current year or session. Click here to find out more
Classcraft offers free school licenses to all closed schools that want to teach in tele-presence in order to motivate students to adopt healthy behaviors and stay motivated. Video training will be offered free of charge to teachers for as long as the crisis lasts. More detailed information is here (in English). 
Grand Duke editions
So that you can continue to teach your students during this health crisis, Éditions Grand Duc offers you free the tools and educational materials you will need. You can create a digital Class for yourself. You will find educational material for you and your students in your library. We are with you. Consult
Due to the closure of schools, eduMedia is making its educational resources available free of charge to teachers and their students. To connect, please use the credentials below from the eduMedia platform ( username: covid19
password: edumedia If you are part of the thirty or so school boards subscribing to eduMedia, please go through your educational portal. Likewise, if your school has a subscription, use your usual access codes. You will thus be able to benefit from the sharing tools offered by STUDIO. For more information on STUDIO, please consult our video tutorials. For any other question:
Edutechno and DeMarque
In the same spirit as all the members of Edteq, De Marque and Edutechno are mobilizing to support teachers and families at the primary. The “class” subscription to the Edutechno platform includes a teacher account and accounts for each of the students, who will be able to connect from home, and continue their fundamental learning thanks to dozens of activities in French and mathematics that you can assign to them, according to their rhythm and yours. You will then have access to the results and individual progress of your students, all from a distance! Everything in the same place for 1st to 6th year, accessible until this summer, easy and structured to study everyone at their own pace, exceptionally at 30$. To benefit from it, apply the promo code: SOLIDARITE in your basket on
Interested in programming at home? Estime offers you a daily programming activity on its Facebook page. Will your children be able to meet the challenges offered by young people? testers Esteem?
In the same spirit as the member organizations of Edteq, Study and his entire team are mobilizing to support high school students in Quebec. To help them stay the course in their learning despite the current situation, ÉtudeSecours offers all its online courses (asynchronous) at 50 % discount. Until the exams in June, the student will have access to course notes, exercises, tests, answers and messaging to ask questions to a teacher, online. All the material at hand and structured to study at their own pace, at home or elsewhere. To benefit, use the promo code: SOUTIEN20   Furthermore, Study will offer 15 free workshops to stay on course for 1TP3Learning. Come and review some concepts seen in class with Caroline, our math teacher, directly online. Secondary 3 mathematics
Mathematics CST 4
Mathematics SN 4 The dates and times of the sessions are available directly on the ÉtudeSecours website in the Free workshops section All workshops will be recorded and available on demand.  
I grant
Behind the entrepreneur who created the application I grant, there is the dad of two little girls who offers to all those who wish to use I grant as long as your school is closed, just to be able to continue working remotely, even a little. For free, without obligation, or anything at all. Just to do you a favor. To find out how, just send him a little message at
The krispii teaching and learning platform is now offered free of charge to parents, teachers and their students for the entire period of school closings in connection with the COVID-19 crisis. Every day, krispii will offer you on its Facebook page 3 different projects to explore with your young people. Our user-friendly and easy-to-use platform will provide you with an overview of each project, as well as key points to consider in order to help you support them throughout their learning. Also, in order to help you support your young people, our team is committed to remaining available for you by email, phone or Zoom videoconference meeting in French and English. To register as an educator (teacher, worker or parent): For more information:
The Constellation of the Bear by Nanomonx
The Constellation of the Bear extends the duration of the free trial to 90 days. All you have to do is create an account on and start the free trial to enjoy the full version of the game! The constellation of the bear is a digital tool that encourages literary creation at home, as well as at school. Thanks to its unique platform, it allows you to work on a host of skills in French and in the social world, in a different and fun way. By creating stories using the thousands of evocative visual elements provided in the game, young people invent worlds that will inspire them to write.
GRM tutorials
GRM Tutorials already offered free trials on platforms NetAccords and NetPhrases. The content of these free trials has been enhanced to include new exercises. is aimed at pupils of the 2nd and 3rd cycle of elementary school, while covers the entire high school grammar program. For clients who would like a personalized account with results tracking, we are offering 50 % discount on the subscription by the end of the school year.
SCOOP educational guides! by L'École branchée
In early February, the team of SCOOP! published an educational guide on COVID-19. It is now offered free of charge, in French and in English. At the end of the readings and activities offered, students will be able to assess the severity of the epidemic as well as fully understand the safety measures to adopt to avoid infection without causing panic.
The Curious
To continue informing students, Le Curieux: - broadcasts a free file on Covid-19 explained to young people in French (the English version will be available soon), - publish a free article on Covid-19 every day of the week with also a testimony from a young person from a foreign country every day and ideas for activities to do at home here:, - makes several of its weekly reviews free: that of March 20 is online.
With the closure of schools, caused by the COVID-19 virus, many educators are wondering how to promote the maintenance of literacy skills during this extended leave. In response to this situation, Littératout provides educators with a special 6-month package at the exceptional price of 50$ + tx. Take advantage of this package today, create your student accounts and assign them activities, vocabulary capsules, science activities and digital albums, novels and mini-novels to read and / or listen to at the House. Click here to see the special package:

Mazaam, the musical genius who supports the cognitive development of children from 4 to 6 years old thanks to classical music, offers his application free of charge to help families confined at home.In the current context where parents of young children must reconcile teleworking and family management, Mazaam wants to alleviate this challenge and spread the music by offering full access to its edutainment mobile application for free on iOS (and at the price of 0.99 $CA on Android, instead of the regular price of 6.99 $CA ) until April 12, 2020.
Download Mazaam on: 
The App Store:
Google Play:
moozoom makes available free of charge to all teachers, parents and students in Quebec until June 23, 2020 a multimedia and fun tool to learn to develop social and emotional skills. A turnkey tool to respond to a glaring challenge facing our society!
Considering the announcement of the closure of schools for a period of two weeks, we would like to offer free access to parents of elementary school students (grades 1 to 6) to our Keywords platform. When registering your child (ren), all you have to do is enter the promo code “courage”. The parent must register as if they were a teacher and indicate the number of children to be registered as "pupils".
Even at home, the Netmath team continues to develop interest in mathematics in children by giving them free access, until July 1, 2020, to its interactive, fun and fun mathematical content. In these uncertain times, the Netmath team's mission is to transcend the joy of learning mathematics beyond the walls of our schools, into your homes. About the free Netmath offer Students whose school or school board has already subscribed to Netmath for the current school year will be able to continue using their existing account until July 1, 2020. Free access is also available. available until July 1, 2020 through our web storefront at All content from the 3rd year of primary to the 4th secondary is accessible. Link to the Media Kit
ROBOTEL offers the SmartClass + distance learning and teaching platform for free to teachers and their students until June 30, 2020 in connection with the COVID-19 crisis. English content (ESL) is already integrated, however all languages recognized by keyboard and / or voice recognition are also supported by the platform, which is also equipped with self-correction tools for pronunciations and quizzes. The platform is easy to use. Our team remains available to assist you by email, phone or Zoom or Skype video conference meeting. To register as an educator, go to For more information: 450-680-1448 extension 310
During this time of pandemic he can help keep some routine at home and Studyo wants to help by providing parents and students a free individual account as well as resources to support families. Go to to create your free account and to
School success
In order to support students in their school career while home confinement continues in compliance with public health measures, School Success offers two services: online tutoring is offered to elementary and secondary school students in all subjects. School Success has more than 1000 certified tutors in its team who can support students in an individualized way, by appointment. The online revision workshops will be offered Monday to Friday, from Monday April 6 to Friday May 1, 2020, at the rate of one hour per day, for a total of twenty hours. These workshops are aimed at elementary and secondary school students. Registered students will connect to a virtual classroom that will allow them to see their certified tutor live. They will be able to complete online exercises, but also to ask questions orally to the tutor. Between each lesson, students will receive exercises to complete in order to consolidate their learning. The recordings will then be quickly made available to students for review. 
IVR eSolutions
Already present in the world of education and developing distance learning solutions for the past 17 years, the SVI eSolutions team is well equipped to support organizations in training. We can thus ensure a temporary increase in your use of our online training tools, as well as a rapid transition of your classroom operations to virtual classes or web conferences. You will therefore be able to continue your operations until your normal activities resume. For more information:
From March 20 to 27, Slice Fractions and Slice Fractions 2 are available for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.
Children ages 5 to 12 cut through ice and lava to clear the way of the mammoth and uncover the mystery of fractions! Winners of several awards, these games allow learning while having fun. Research even shows their effectiveness. Children therefore gain a head start in school by playing with math.

Slice Fractions Apple App Store | Google Play - School Edition
Slice Fractions 2 Apple App Store | Google play
Yapouni invites you to talk about the coronavirus and manage confinement with your children thanks to their free fun toolbox, developed in collaboration with its team of health professionals. 
There is also…  
Academos is a non-profit organization that connects young people aged 14 to 30 with the reality of the world of work through a virtual mentoring application that allows them to interact with nearly 3,000 professionals passionate about their profession. The Academos website also contains several orientation activities that young people can do from home and that youth workers can consult. here. The Youtube channel of Academos as well as its blog are also excellent sources of educational content for young people. Full details of the measures taken by Academos in connection with the coronavirus are available in This article.  
Classo has a directory of more than 300 educational resources and selected digital tools. We drew on some ideas for educational projects to be carried out for free at home in order to occupy children and teenagers.

Our suggestions for primary are available here:
Our suggestions for secondary school are available here:
Also follow our Facebook page:
Math and Words World
Our mission is simple: to enable all students, young and old, to reach their full potential. Since 2006, Math and Words World offers proven learning software: WordQ, Calcularis and Vocaboum. It is by placing ourselves in the shoes of students and parents that we succeed in understanding them and providing them with personalized software that makes the difference!
Viva Innovation
Moodle integrator. ViVa Innovation's distance learning solution allows you to import a student list from a scheduled classroom course and instead invite them to participate in a virtual class on the web at the same time, on the same day. , from their house. Participants get access to an educational path including an online connection link, reference materials, homework and even an online exam or survey. The trainer uses collaboration software to give an interactive lesson from home, with his computer and a webcam. Real-time distance learning made easy!

> To discover the digital educational resources of all members ...

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Other Quebec companies

Lexibar offered free of charge until March 30

Haylem, the company that develops the specialized Lexibar software, has decided to offer all Lexibar users free of charge its two functions normally available with the purchase of a license, while educational institutions are closed. Info on:

Curio (Radio-Canada) free for all is an audiovisual educational platform usually offered by subscription, intended for educational institutions from the elementary to post-secondary level in Canada. Exceptionally, you can access thousands of reports, documentaries, audio content as well as Radio-Canada and CBC archives right now.

More announcements to come!

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