7 resources for teaching geometry

To develop students' skills in problem solving, reasoning and mathematical communication, the teaching of geometry occupies an important place. To promote the engagement of your students, several interactive and digital resources are at your disposal.

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To develop students' skills in problem solving, reasoning and mathematical communication, the teaching of geometry occupies an important place. To encourage your students' engagement in learning concepts such as interrelationships and geometric properties, several interactive and digital resources are available to you.

By Anne-Marie Legault, Carrefour Éducation

Whatever your educational intention, it is possible to boost your teaching and vary your approaches by including thematic activities, commented animations, interactive simulations and even a documentary series.

Here is a selection of 7 resources for teaching geometry in preschool, elementary and high school.

1- Educational module: interrelationships Pr-P1-P2

Among a vast set of interactive teaching modules, this one is full of resources for teaching interrelationships: visual coordination, position in space, spatial relations, visual discrimination, perceptions, etc.

2- How did we discover the number Pi?  S1-S2

Kezako is a documentary series that answers many scientific questions. In this video, the origin and utility of the number Pi is explained.

3- The geometric town of Sphero (Story from Campus RÉCIT)  P2-P3

This activity allows inexperienced users to get started with the Sphero robot. It was created by RÉCIT and is available on Campus RÉCIT's pedagogical self-training platform.

4- How to draw geometric elements? P2-P3-S1

This page allows you to know, in a few easy steps, how to draw geometric elements: perpendicular or parallel lines, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus and parallelogram. Commented animations provide valuable explanations.

5- Math Week - Primary and Math Week - Secondary (Laval University scenario sets)  P1-P2-P3 and S1-S2

This site, concocted by Sciences et Mathematics in Action (SMAC) and the Association Québécoise des Jeux Mathematics (AQJM) of Laval University, gives you access to a variety of activities that will give a new dimension to your teaching of this discipline.

6- MATHadores Cafe(TFO) P1-P2

In this very special café, the educational TV channel of Canada offers young people in the first three years of elementary school various mathematical tasks in the form of games. A fun video introduces each of the games that have multiple difficulty levels.

7- Tutorial on GéoGébra and Mathematics with Geogebra P1-P2-P3 and S1-S2

GeoGebra is dynamic geometry software allowing users to draw (or create) shapes based on geometric properties (right angles, side congruence, etc.). Discover dynamic animations and interactive simulations, created from GeoGebra, for teaching mathematics and science and technology.

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