Stress management, place of screens and digital tools, distance school - a free practical guide to equip parents

The school environment is constantly adapting, and families must also adjust to the new reality of recent months. In order to help parents to better support their young people in online learning, the École branchée is launching today a practical guide especially for them.

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Distance school, hybrid education, temporary closure of classes, confinement of teachers or students: several new scenarios are now part of everyday education. And if the school environment is constantly adapting, families must also adjust to the new reality. It is to help parents to better support their young people in online learning that École branchée is launching today a practical guide especially for them. 

“Distance education becomes a source of stress, but also represents an opportunity to get back to basics in child-teacher, parent-child, parent-teacher relationships. One thing is certain, we must first accept the new reality, let go of the elements beyond our control and pay particular attention to the well-being of each one (and one's own first) to then better master the workings of teaching. remotely, ”explains Martine Rioux, editor-in-chief of this special issue of the École branchée magazine.

This special edition was produced in collaboration with the Federation of Quebec Parents 'Committees (FCPQ) and the Association of Anglophone Parents' Committees of Quebec (ACPA). The guide is part of the common desire of these partners to offer a series of support tools intended for parents.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Association of Anglophone Parents Committees and École branchée, partners and trusted organizations, to provide resources to parents so that they feel more prepared when they support their young people towards their well-being and their success. Faced with the unknown, let us equip ourselves and be united! », Says Kévin Roy, president of the FCPQ.

“With this publication, we continue our collaborative efforts with other parenting communities, realizing unprecedented economies of scale in sharing information, resources and support,” says Katherine Korakakis, ACPA President. .

In closing, the École branchée wishes, by launching this tool, to show its support for the objective of the Quebec Network for Educational Success on the occasion of the Hooked on School Days to "give a collective momentum, gentle and benevolent, with bright and positive messages that are projected in all families in Quebec".

To download the guide free of charge, produced in French and English thanks to the financial support of the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ):

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