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The 360 ° coach is a training program offered by EscouadeÉDU to support participants in the development of their educational leadership. Our collaborator Julie had the chance to experience this training and she tells you about it.

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The 360° coach is a training offered by EscouadeÉDU. Founded by Marius Bourgeoys, Stéphane Hunter and Marie-Andrée Ouimet, this company offers training and support to organizations and individuals who wish to take the time to rethink their vision in order to properly meet the needs of their learners. During the 360° Coach training, the EscouadeÉDU team supports participants in developing their educational leadership.

On February 1 and 2, 2019, I had the chance to experience two days of learning and reflection on a subject that fascinates me: education. When I arrived there, I was warmly welcomed by Marius Bourgeoys, Stéphane Hunter, Marie-Andrée Ouimet d'EscouadeÉDU as well as by Lori, the director of the L'Escale Catholic high school which hosted the event.

To begin these two days of training, we dived into our past in order to bring out as a group the common points that linked us to each other. We continued with a self-knowledge activity to finally get to the heart of the matter: leadership and influence. Because in our role as educator, no matter who we relate to, developing our leadership skills will allow us to have a positive impact on people.

It is through the presentation of several authors, speakers, influencers and others that we have opened our horizons and refined our conception of leadership and influence. We have discovered or rediscovered some of John Maxwell's laws of leadership, the four questions that determine Robert Marzano's engagement as well as quotes like "What does the person tell me that they don't tell me?" " by Serge Goyette.

Subsequently, we had a first coaching experience by playing three roles: the observer, the coachee and the coach. We familiarized ourselves with the concepts related to the 360 coaching approach. To end the first day, we talked about continuous improvement and the laws of growth, including those of intentionality, pain, mirror, reflection and elastic.

"To be an agent OF change, you must be an agent of change" - Marius Bourgeoys

To start the second day, we discussed the role of the teacher in today's educational context. What experiences do I want to create in my environment? What's my plan?

Certainly when we take the time to think about what we really want, that taking a step back helps us move forward and make a difference. After learning about the main elements related to paradigm shift and change leadership, we identified the needs of our learners and listed the levers that could allow us to respond to them.

Before concluding these two days of training with an objectification, we talked about the usefulness of ICT for exercising leadership and keeping traces of learning and reflections (in addition to modeling good practices for learners).

For more information about the EscouadeÉDU 360 ° coach training, I invite you to check out their website.

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Julie R.-Bordeleau
Julie R.-Bordeleau
Former teacher and mother of a military family of 4 boys, Julie R-Bordeleau is an alternative learning guide and author. She loves discovering new educational and holistic resources and approaches that allow her clients to learn and develop in different ways, depending on their needs. Its website, its newsletter and its services are dedicated to adults who are changing the world in their own way, whether they are parents-educators, parents or professionals.

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