The ICT committee: A success at Otapi high school

Manawan is an Atikamekw community of about 2,500 people and 280 students attend Otapi High School. To promote the use of ICT at this school, several actions have been taken, including the creation of a dedicated committee.

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Manawan is an Atikamekw community of about 2,500 inhabitants and 280 students attend Otapi High School. To promote the use of ICT at this school, several actions have been taken, including the creation of a dedicated committee.

Some teachers had the idea of creating an ICT committee, the general objective of which is to explore new technological tools and their educational applications. Wishing to increase the use of ICT at school, the members jointly produced a questionnaire which they gave to the teaching staff in order to validate their knowledge of technology.

The questionnaire consisted of three parts: the use of a computer, the basic use of software and programs as well as the use of advanced software (photos, videos, etc.).

Interpretation of the data collected revealed two major trends. Although the majority know how to use a computer, nearly half of the teachers do not fully master office automation software, tebeware (IWB operating software) or even have difficulty browsing the Internet. For its part, the other half of teachers do not have adequate knowledge of certain cutting-edge software.

Faced with this observation, the members of the ICT committee decided to offer two types of training, grouping teachers together according to their skills with technologies. Thus, a more basic training presented in two sessions was offered by the members of the ICT committee, avoiding at the same time additional expenses. Then, a one-day training, more focused on the use of complex software, was given by a professional whose educational institution requested the services. Thus, all the members of the teaching staff were able to increase their level of competence to use and apply technological tools pedagogically.

Obviously, this case is taken from a small establishment, but it can very well be transposed into a larger school. The process could, for example, be carried out by cycle or by department. The setting up of an ICT committee also makes it possible to lead improvement workshops and exchanges between colleagues which can only be enriching for all.


The author is a teacher of Ethics and Religious Culture and a member of the ICT Committee at Otapi High School in Manawan.


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Felipe Antaya
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