The day “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! »Turns 18

On March 18, 2017, the day “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! »Will offer activities in Montreal, Quebec, Rimouski and Sherbrooke.

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On March 18, 2017, the day " Girls and science, an electrifying duo! »Will celebrate its 18 years of existence. The activities will take place simultaneously in Montreal, Quebec, Rimouski and Sherbrooke.

For the occasion, the organization has joined forces with two inspiring personalities from the scientific world "whose professional backgrounds are proof that no, science is definitely neither arid nor boring":

  • Eve Christian: Physicist and meteorologist, who is also a journalist, blogger and scientific columnist emeritus, takes on the role of “honorary godmother” of the event. “Ève Christian perfectly embodies the balance between scientific thought and a passion for popularization and this is our way of thanking her for her generous involvement since the beginning of the event. "
  • Nicolas Reeves: A graduate in physics and architecture, professor of environmental design at UQÀM, this new spokesperson has made the poetic use of science and technology the very heart of his work. Nicolas Reeves is a pioneer of "research-creation", a field which combines artistic, scientific and technological modes of creativity.


Open doors to understand the world around us

The event “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! »Reveals the often unrecognized impact of science and technology in the daily lives of young girls aged 2e and 3e secondary school and encourages them to make career choices in careers such as engineering, IT, video games, telecommunications, the environment, etc.

“Scientific culture helps us to understand a little better the world around us, what governs it,” comments Ève Christian, “an understanding that can be transferred to all kinds of fields, such as music, dance or the visual arts. "

“Science, formal or applied, is a universal language,” adds Nicolas Reeves, “a major tool in our quest for meaning, just like the arts. Having a scientific culture means taking a richer perspective, which allows us to see further and wider in our journeys into the unknown. "

"It's like a dancer confronted with the effects of gravity," concludes the meteorologist, herself passionate about dance. She will only dance the better if she knows and understands the physical laws with which her body moves. "


A day of workshops, meetings and career shopping!

The 18e edition of the day "Girls and science, an electrifying duo!" »Will offer animated demonstrations, practical workshops and meetings with representatives of companies and industries linked to scientific and technological fields.

One of the highlights of the day is “career shopping”. The activity allows young participants to discover the wide range of university, professional and technical training offered to them by the world of science and technology and to shop in an informed and fun way for a future career in this expanding universe.

The day also includes components designed specifically for parents and school workers.

To find out more, you can watch the short video produced during the 2016 edition.

Also visit the website: It includes details about registration for this day.


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