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On October 5, the Va au-après! Symposium was held for the first time, an initiative of the FEEP wishing to highlight the creative character that everyone working in the field of education should assume.

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On October 5, the Symposium was held for the first time Go Beyond !, an initiative of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) wanting to highlight the creative character that everyone working in the education sector should have. 

And no need for an explosion to be creative, because even if the experiments of Yannick Bergeron, science and chemistry teacher and creator of experiments for the magazine The Resourceful, received a standing ovation during the opening conference, the wise words of Mrs. Rosée Morissette, educational consultant, still resonate in our ears: let's be creative by starting by thinking differently.

The kick-off being launched; participants could go to their first workshop. It is difficult to make a choice when there are passionate teachers such asEric Tremblay, professional development leaders like Jacques Cool or educational advisers of the caliber of Maude Lamoureux. Little consolation you might say, but the morning workshops were also presented in the afternoon.

To cement everything, the organizers had left the field open to participants wishing to present a creative project. The Creative Practices Fair was short-lived and the heated discussions foreshadowed an influx of Twitter subscriptions in the days following the event.

Between the smiles, the handshakes, the ideas that will materialize and those that will only leave a colored imprint in our subconscious, the conference Go beyond! definitely made our creative cells sparkle.

By Myra Auvergnat Ringuette
Inspired and creative participant

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Myra Auvergnat
Myra Auvergnat
Myra teaches elementary school at Externat St-Jean-Berchmans in Quebec.

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