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Learn to read and count with Alec

Alec's Odyssey is an edutainment game for learning French and mathematics. Available free for families during spring break.

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Franco-Quebec society eduMedia launch theAlec's Odyssey, an edutainment game for learning French and mathematics. Intended for both education professionals and families, the web platform covers the entire school program from kindergarten to grade 4e year of elementary school (2e cycle).

This immersive Odyssey offers progressive support, adapted to the child's learning level, whether the latter is following the course of the school program or whether he has learning difficulties or disabilities.

The Odyssey offers a unique environment imagined by artists, a playful visual and sound journey, and ultimately, a quest to motivate children to progress in their learning of reading, writing, logic and calculations. The game has educational virtues which strengthen the level of understanding and memorization of children.

For those who knew the Polygon games, know that Alec uses the same content and the same objectives.

Go on an adventure at school and at home

Schools and teachers who subscribe to the platform have access to a range of tailor-made functionalities, in particular through access to a dashboard which allows them to create their class, to follow the progress of their students thanks to various statistics or to 'assign homework. Alec games can therefore be used in class with students or remotely.

Alec is also a learning companion for the family. Each parent can create a player profile for their child, who will be able to discover the different universes one by one.

In order to offer educational screen time to all families during spring break, the platform opens for free for 10 days, with the creation of an identifier until March 7, 2021.

To play with Alec, it's here: www.essayezalec.com

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