5 new features of Antidote that are useful in the classroom

Antidote celebrates 25 years with a range of renewed applications. There are over a hundred new features, many of which will be useful in the classroom. Here are five that deserve your attention.
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Antidote celebrates its 25th anniversary with a range of renewed applications. There are morea hundred new products, many of which will be useful in class. Here are five that deserve your attention.

1. A dictionary of rhymes and quasi-rhymes

Antidote has one more reference book! Your students will love using it for poetry and composition exercises. In addition to rhymes, introduce your class to alliteration and even slam with quasi-rhymes, that is, words with sound similarities such as assonances and counter-assonances. This way thebold inspiration for the bohemian poems and crazy songs!

2. The pronunciation of words

Your students can finally listen to the pronunciation of words directly in Antidote, with a simple click on the speaker symbol in the dictionaries. Pronunciation is particularly useful for new words you are teaching and generally for learning a second language. This feature will certainly be appreciated by allophone students or in francization classes, as well as francophones for their English classes. Antidote also has two different accents for each language: Montreal and Paris for French; Toronto and London for English.

3. Common prepositions

Thanks to a new feature, Antidote can highlight prepositions in definitions and examples of its dictionaries. It is then much easier to spot and understand the difference between to count, count with or count on. These little words are sometimes difficult to master when writing a text!

4. Linguistic research

Now in the foreground with a magnifying glass in the corrector's interface, the linguistic search indicates not only all the occurrences of the word or the string, but also the inflections (ex .: open, will open, open), synonyms, words from the same family or the same lexical field. This tool will allow you to reveal before the eyes of your students the entire semantic network of a text.

5. The customizable navigation bar

Develop a review method with your students by adding shortcuts to Antidote 11's new navigation bar (this feature will soon be deployed on Antidote Web). For example, by placing the repetitions, turns and readability filters at the first level, your students will develop the habit of reviewing their texts from these angles. What's more, Antidote will grab their attention by displaying a colored dot in front of a filter when it contains detections.

How to take advantage of the novelties?

If your school has subscribed to Antidote Web, you will automatically benefit from the news online. If you use Antidote Mobile, be sure to update it in the App Store to take advantage of new dictionaries and guides. Finally, if your organization holds a multi-user license, the server version of Antidote 11 will be available in spring 2022.

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