Survive on Mars: survive, rebuild, explore

On the occasion of REFER 2019, three teachers presented the online platform Survive On Mars which offers the possibility of creating one's own city on Mars and assigning missions to students so that they develop a variety of knowledge and skills. .

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The Rendez-vous Francophone des Écoles en Réseau is an annual event where the sharing of practices and activities carried out in class is in the spotlight. It is under the theme of The school in play (x) that the 2019 edition of the REFER allowed participants to be inspired to develop their practice.

For the occasion, Gregory Michnik, Mélanie Fenaert and Geneviève Ponsonnet, teachers of life and earth science, chemistry, physics, French, mathematics and technology, presented the online platform Survive On Mars which offers the possibility of creating one's own city on Mars and assigning missions to students so that they develop a variety of knowledge and skills.

Game background

" Survive, rebuild, explore

2076: The colonists of the Martian base Ares XVI have mysteriously disappeared. A new team is sent there to rebuild it: your students!

In a scientific context consistent with the work of NASA, solve problems, complete missions and survive on Mars. "

The presentation of one of the two introductory videos available allows you to experience the flipped classroom. These share the starting clues and in-game characters to complete the mission. Once the context is in place, the manipulation begins and the students complete the tasks to be carried out. To do this, each student takes the profession of a character for the duration of the mission. Thus, they have the chance to learn about several occupations and develop the related skills.

Types of possible activities

Mission: each mission lasts one or two sessions and allows you to obtain badges. The evaluation is done by the peers of the class or another.  

Investigation : surveys are carried out over several sessions and in collaboration. Each of them can go beyond the classroom by offering differentiated missions according to the age of the learners. For example, certain manipulations can be carried out by high school students who share their results with younger people who need them to pursue their own mission.

Escape game: finally, it is possible to create an escape game in which the students are detained and must escape.

Facilitate the implementation of the game thanks to technology

In the platform Survive on Mars, the use of technology is central. The available virtual world allows you to live an extraordinary experience by living concretely the challenges of survival on Mars. With 1000 registered users, collaboration on a global scale brings a very interesting dimension for our connected students.

For more information on Survive on Mars or to register, visit the platform website.

Learn more about the escape game and consult Google Mars to view satellite views captured by NASA of the red planet.

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