OLOfusion relies on technology to consolidate the achievements of young people in mathematics

Communiqué - OLOfusion offers fun and inclusive tools, based on a color code, thus helping as many young people as possible to learn to tell the time.

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Communiqué - Did you know that 20% of young people will develop difficulties in mathematics during their schooling? Knowing that subject matter skills are a prerequisite for entry into many post-secondary programs, the potential impact on their lives is very real.

Now, did you know that the analog clock can identify difficulties in mathematics at an early stage? Indeed, this tool, dating back 4000 years, is considered by researchers to be an effective means of predicting early on, whether a young person will later experience difficulties in his school career.

The analog clock structures logical thinking and incorporates a wide range of mathematical concepts: fractions, jumps of 5, addition, subtraction, problem solving, etc. In addition, knowing how to read the time on an analog clock greatly contributes to mastering the management and organization of one's time, which is one of the 5 factors of social integration.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer analog clocks are present in our environments. Likewise, the material offered in our schools does not always allow young people to acquire this very important skill.

To overcome this gap, OLOfusion offers fun and inclusive tools, based on a color code, thus helping as many young people as possible to learn to tell the time.

And that's how the very first bilingual application (French and English) from OLOfusion is now available. The release of this application is timely for the start of the 2021 school year, making it possible to optimize the teaching and understanding of this mathematical skill.

OLOfusion is a mobile application that includes fun games and exercises. A choice of 5 avatars is offered, with different adornments to be obtained, thanks to the accumulated tokens. This gamification of learning helps to maintain the student's attention and encourages academic perseverance. It mainly targets children of the 1time to the 3th primary year.

This tool complements very well the products already offered by OLOfusion, which include:

  • The wall clock and its tool kit;
  • Learning dials;
  • Downloadable tools, via the Pro OLO membership;
  • The mobile application.

To know more : www.olofusion.com

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