A look back at the IDEA 2022 Conference

On November 2 and 3, the 4th edition of the conference "S'entreprendre pour mieux vivre ensemble" (Undertaking for a better life together), conceived and prepared by the organization IDEA Entrepreneurial Education, was held. Our collaborator Fati Benchekri took part in this event and offers us a feedback on her experience. 

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On November 2 and 3, the 4the edition of the conference "S'entreprendre pour mieux vivre ensemble", conceived and prepared by the organization IDÉE éducation entrepreneuriale. Our collaborator Fati Benchekri took part in this event and offers us a feedback on her experience. 

Throughout the the event onlineParticipants from several provinces in Canada, Europe and Africa presented their innovative projects, experiences from research and practice, as well as various initiatives that enabled youth and adults to engage in various situations. The experiences shared were rich and authentic. They will certainly allow participants to engage in more sustainable projects and become aware of the positive impact they can have in their community.

The opening conference was led by Dominic GagnonHe is co-founder and director of Connect&GO, a company that has deployed smart wristbands at major sporting events such as the Superbowl and the Olympics. He is also a partner and director of IX-Points, an innovative online training company, and EducExpert, a company that provides online training for firefighters around the world. 

As for the closing conference, it was given by Fabrice VilHe is a certified holistic development coach, an attorney and a former basketball coach. In 2011, he founded For 3 Points, an organization that engages sports coaches to also act as life coaches to young athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds. Driven by equal opportunity, he regularly speaks out on issues that concern this ideal.

Throughout the conference, innovative and topical themes were discussed such as:

  • Food education in schools,
  • The future of biomanufacturing,
  • The implementation of microenterprises in the school,
  • Schools as entrepreneurial projects to reduce carbon emissions in elementary schools,
  • The entrepreneurial journey of students in emotional support,
  • Promising projects to promote internal solidarity and community life,
  • Children's projects that are undertaken to fight against climate change.

My experience at the IDEA 2022 conference

I participated in the conference as a brigadier. My role was to provide technical support to the speakers and to ensure that they had the necessary tools for the smooth running of their presentation. Even though the event was held online, it was coordinated from the Lévis Convention Center in Quebec.

Beyond the technical aspect, I had the opportunity to talk with these people and listen to them speak passionately about their projects. I was honestly moved by their enthusiasm. I also had the opportunity to speak with some of their students whose maturity and commitment to their school and community simply took my breath away. 

The IDEA Conference is an opportunity to meet real enthusiasts from all over the world. Although thousands of kilometers separate them, their commitment to the educational cause brings them together. Following the speakers' presentations, debates and questions arise, intellectual encounters are made and projects are formed. 

I have seen first hand people fall in love with certain projects and want to implement them in their school or in the environment in which they work. the official program as well as all the information about the 2022 congress.

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