#ONecoute consults with Ontario high school students on school mental health

School Mental Health Ontario invites high school students in Ontario to express their views, help improve student participation in school mental health programs, and help develop a provincial engagement strategy of young people in mental health.

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HAMILTON, ON, May 28, 2019 / CNW / - School Mental Health Ontario - School Mental Health Ontario invites high school students in Ontario to express their views, help improve student participation in school-based mental health programs, and help develop a provincial youth mental health engagement strategy.

Through an online questionnaire and discussion forums, Anglophone and Francophone students will have a say in the development of awareness and promotion of mental health wellness initiatives in the Ontario public school network. .

As noted by Dr. Kathy Short, Executive Director of School Mental Health Ontario, “School is a great place to promote youth mental health, develop knowledge about socio-emotional skills, identify students with mental health issues and offer them early support. Students say they have something to say about what is going on in schools. This is what is new to #ONhelp: we will teach high school students directly what they want to know about mental health, how they prefer to get this information and how they want to participate in mental health initiatives. These contributions can go a long way to help us and all Ontario school districts better promote student mental health. "

The #ONecoute project will be led by Know to act and all project protocols have been approved by the Dalhousie University Research Ethics Board, which will allow the results to be compiled and shared widely.

The project is supported by Ontario Student Counselors Association (OSTA-AECO). As Joel Ndongmi, OSTA-AECO points out, “Young people want to know more about mental health and mental illness. They want to learn how to cope with stress, how to recognize when things go wrong, for themselves or their friends. They want to know how they can help and they want to get involved. #Listening is really important, we can make an impact in this work. We invite all Ontario high school students to express their views. "

As Short points out, “There are many products, speakers and resources designed to promote school mental health, but not all of these resources are evidence-based, not all created in collaboration with young people and compatible with the systematic work already done in Ontario school districts. School Mental Health Ontario is committed to using resources that are not only evidence-based and designed for practice, but also youth-focused. #ONecoute will help us make the voice of young people heard in the process of designing and selecting initiatives and resources for the promotion and support of mental health over the coming years. "

"Our partners involved in this initiative, and across the province, are essential to the success of #ONecoute", adds Short. “Mental health teams from school boards, mental health organizations serving children and youth, and other education and health stakeholders understand the importance of promoting mental health by school. They recognize the need to include the perspective of young people to inform and complement evidence-based mental health promotion initiatives. "

#ONecoute includes an online questionnaire and regional forums. Groups active in mental health are also invited to submit their own ideas directly to SMHO-SMSO. To learn more, it's here.

Online questionnaire #ONecoute

The online questionnaire will be available from June 3 to July 12. This questionnaire will focus on the needs and preferences of young people in terms of knowledge related to mental health. The questionnaire will be accessible on the page

Regional forums #ONecoute

Regional forums will give students the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on mental health promotion and student involvement in these initiatives in Ontario high schools. The forums will be held in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, London and Toronto. Mental health support will be offered at all forums.

  • Thunder Bay - Saturday June 1, 2019
  • London - Saturday June 1, 2019
  • Toronto - Saturday June 8, 2019
  • Ottawa - Saturday June 15, 2019

Those interested can follow the discussion on Twitter: #ONecoute @SMHO_SMSO.

School mental health Ontario works with Ontario school districts to promote school mental health.

Know to act is a national social enterprise dedicated to youth engagement, knowledge mobilization and research.

OSTA-AECO is Ontario's largest organization serving young people in schools; it represents approximately two million students attending public and Catholic schools in Ontario. The association also provides world-class vocational training services to school counselors across the province.

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