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Co-educating in the digital age: a new special issue of the École branchée for parents

The École branchée magazine publishes a special issue (free in PDF format) to equip parents in the digital age and promote school-family communication! To distribute without delay in your community!

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Quebec - November 14, 2019 - The École branchée magazine is today publishing a special issue (free in PDF format) to equip parents in the digital age and promote teacher-parent communication with a view to co-education. 

Witnessing the deployment of digital tools at school while trying to achieve balance in their own family environment can cause many concerns for parents. This special issue aims to facilitate communication between them and teachers, always keeping in mind the success of young people. “This is a big challenge for the school today. It can only be raised with the support of parents and the community. To achieve this, what better way than to share with the main stakeholders what is happening behind the scenes of education, ”said editor, Audrey Miller.

The digital version is offered free of charge.

“This is exactly what the École branchée family team set out to do. Together, Judith Cajelais, Julie R-Bordeleau and I want to help make co-education possible in the digital age, ”explains Stéphanie Dionne, member of the École branchée family team. 

Thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the digital format of this issue is available for download free of charge at: ecolebranchee.com/family.

Subscribers will receive it with the regular winter edition in December. It will also be possible to obtain a paper version at the usual cost in the Online Store.


École branchée and EngagED Learning is a non-profit media that informs, trains and equips school stakeholders to help them meet the challenges of teaching in the 21st century. Its main fields of action are professional development, digital skills and media education. Find out more ...

The École branchée on the family is a joint project carried out with specialists in family coaching, school support and home education. Find out more ...

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École branchée
École branchée
The École branchée, a non-profit organization, is your professional development partner in connection with digital competence in education. We believe that education must be able to benefit from current educational and technological advances to better meet the increasingly diverse needs of learners and promote their success, today and for the rest of their lives. We work there through our professional information services, continuing education and the creation of educational tools.

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