Lü donates technology products to schools in La Tuque and Repentigny

News Release - Two Quebec schools can now offer an immersive learning experience to their students thanks to the donation of systems by Lü Aire de jeu interactive. The Quebec City-based start-up is transforming school gyms into interactive educational experiences that promote learning, movement and collaboration.

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Press Release - Two Quebec schools can now offer an immersive learning experience to their students thanks to the donation of systems by Lü Interactive play area. The Quebec City-based start-up transforms school gyms into interactive educational experiences that promote learning, movement and collaboration.

"As a Quebec-based company, we wanted to maximize the impact of our 1000e We are delighted to be able to offer our system to a Quebec school where our product would have the greatest impact on both the children and the community," said Vincent Routhier, President of Lü Aire de jeu interactive. "After a lengthy process, our jury selected two schools from over 200 applications that stood out for their pedagogical vision and community involvement in the project. We look forward to watching as they use the product to improve the health, learning and success of their youth."

The company installed its award-winning system at Alphonse-Desjardins School de Repentigny, which provides education for children with complex neurodevelopmental problems, and to Ecole Centrale in La Tuque, Mauricie, where many children do not have access to the technology and entertainment found in larger cities. Three other schools in La Tuque will also have access to the Lü system, which will have a positive impact on the entire community.

Each school received a complete unit worth 30,000 $, including a Lü ÜNO system and a host of educational applications, plus installation, support and training. The systems were installed over the summer so that students could take advantage of them as soon as the school year started.

Applications and selections

Last winter, Lü produced his 1000e system and sought out a school or organization where the installation of a Lü system would benefit the children in the community. More than 200 schools were evaluated on criteria such as social mission, community benefits and staff involvement. The five finalists met with a panel of judges made up of recognized individuals in their respective fields: Paul Evra (Executive Director of Centre Lasallien in Saint-Michel), Audrey Miller (Executive Director of École branchée), Roberto Gauvin (consultant and retired principal, known for his innovative vision of education) and Vincent Routhier (President of Lü).

For Marie-Hélène Pedneault, vice-principal of École Centrale, the implementation of Lü will have an invaluable impact: "Lü is the magic touch that will put stars in the eyes of our students and the citizens of our city. Not many of them have the chance to experience this type of activity in their home environment. As a school, it is our responsibility to create a stimulating environment and create the memories of tomorrow by giving students the foundation to become active citizens."

Joanne Lapointe, principal of Alphonse-Desjardins School, was thrilled with the gift her school will receive, "I have always aspired to help my team diversify their teaching methods in order to amaze our students who have had a difficult early childhood and a tumultuous school career."

Lü is committed to helping the community. In 2021, the company will has partnered with TELUS and the TELUS Foundation for a Better Future to donate 10 Lü systems to schools on the Lower North Shore, bringing connectivity and immersive learning to youth in isolated communities and Innu territories.

About Lü Interactive Playground

Lü - Aire de jeu interactive is a Quebec City-based educational technology company that transforms school spaces into immersive learning environments for elementary and high school students.

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