News from Quebec edtechs at #ISTE19

Some Quebec companies caused a sensation during the #ISTE2019 congress. Overview of the new products presented. #edteq

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During the annual congress of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which was held in Philadelphia at the end of June, some Quebec companies caused a sensation in the huge exhibition hall. A brief overview of the new products presented.

The "edtech" industry (contraction of educational technology) Québécoise was prominent at the largest North American congress in educational technology. Here is some news from our compatriots who exhibited their products on site.

Classcraft: a new narrative epic to support motivation

Sherbrooke's flagship, Classcraft introduced its brand new “story” mode, which will be available next fall. This mode will use the storytelling (narrative approach) to provide new possibilities to increase motivation in students through fantastic stories. “Think of a consumer version of Game Of Thrones that promotes collaboration and discovery, in addition to fostering the development of emotional intelligence, ”said Devin Young, president and co-founder of Classcraft.

Classcraft: Season 1, which will explore the themes of self-discovery and the importance of human relationships through a story that will run throughout the year, will be officially launched at the start of the school year. New episodes will be offered every month. We can already watch trailer in English.

In addition to a new logo, Classcraft also took advantage of ISTE 2019 to announce its new program ambassadors. Fans of this world-class motivation management system? It is to watch!

Nanomonx: a Visitor mode for Boreal Tales and many improvements

Several Quebec educators have literally been won over by The constellation of the bear, from Montreal-based Nanomonx. On the occasion of ISTE, it was of course the English version of the literary and artistic creation application for elementary school that was in the spotlight! Among the new features announced, we learned that starting in August, it will be possible for the teacher to issue challenges only to certain students rather than to the whole class, thus promoting differentiation. In addition, a new Visitor mode will allow a class to show its virtual world to people outside, for example, parents, so that they can see the creations of young people without being able to modify them. To do this, all you need is a code to share. We are also impatiently awaiting the arrival of new themes, such as the one on superheroes at the start of the school year and on Antiquity a little later in the fall.

Did you know that recently, the Nanomonx team has been offering pixel art to schools? It is the illustrator Olivier Carpentier who animates this moment of creation, taking the opportunity to pass on his passion for the profession to young people. We can find out more in contacting the team!

Lü: new games for the 21 gymnasiume century

Lü technology, whose offices are based in Quebec, transforms the gymnasium into an immersive and interactive space. At ISTE, she once again caught the eye! On site, we were able to discover the most recent games added to the ever-growing collection, automatically updated on devices already installed. We can also see the current list here!

Studyo: the Insights module to better distribute student loads

The digital planner Studyo, developed in Longueuil, will soon benefit from a valuable companion to reduce student stress, especially during exams: the Insights load manager. This product, separate from the diary, makes it possible to compare timetables published on various platforms such as Google Classroom, Moodle, digital calendars and others (and of course Studyo if the school uses it) and to quickly identify students whose The schedule reaches a level of saturation with regard to important work to be submitted or exams for a given period. Thus, no more cases where a student would have 3 ministerial exams on the same day! To monitor!

Druid: Antidote and Typing Pal storming the American market

The 2019 ISTE congress was also an opportunity to Druid, a Montreal pioneer in the industryedtech, to announce its recent enhancements to the popular keyboard typing software Typing Pal (Tap'Touche in French). Among them, we note an improved dashboard and teaching resource center as well as the revision of the balance of exercises and tests on rare characters. And if you have not yet seen the certificates that can be generated to congratulate students, now is the time since all these new features are automatically available to subscribed schools.

An Edteq lunch to promote our industry

On June 25, as part of the ISTE congress, the Edteq Association (companies in edtech du Québec) and the office of the Délégation générale du Québec in New York jointly organized a luncheon that welcomed around 40 participants who wanted to know more about some of the companies present. Thus, they were able to hear presentations of 2 minutes top chrono by L'École branchée (nos. CréaCamps particularly attracted attention!), Lü, Studyo, Classcraft, Nanomonx and Operam. These have generated a lot of interest and should open the door to new collaborations!

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