The Rocketbook: a techno and green notebook

Technopedagogical enthusiasts would like to be able to use digital tools exclusively, but during meetings, it is not always appropriate to isolate yourself behind a screen. Many people also like the freedom to create shapes, arrows and drawings when taking notes. Now there is a solution: the Rocketbook.

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Technopedagogical enthusiasts would like to be able to use digital tools exclusively in their teaching. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In some quotes, the good old paper and pencils are still needed. When meeting with students or colleagues, it is not always appropriate to isolate yourself behind a screen. In addition, if you like to use the "sketchnote" method to take notes, it is essential to have the freedom to create shapes, arrows and drawings with different colors and quickly. Now there is a solution: the Rocketbook.

By Jessica Lecours

The digital side ...

The Rocketbook is a notebook specially designed for digitizing and filing notes taken manually. The latter is made up of about fifteen blank pages with a QR code. There are also the same seven icons at the bottom of each page. For each of the icons, the user programs a destination of his choice. It could be an email address or even a specific file in a digital cloud. Once note-taking is complete, the user only needs to check the icon to select the destination and scan the page using the free app that comes with the notebook. The document will automatically be sent to the desired location. The user can also determine the digital format that suits him best, PDF or JPEG.

... and the green side

Another important advantage of the Rocketbook is the fact that it is reusable. When the notes are scanned and saved, it is possible to erase the entire contents of the notebook. Paper files can easily be replaced by digital files. Goodbye tons of printed sheets! Students can use them in class and send scans of their work directly to their teacher, or share notes taken during a teamwork period with each other.

What there is to know

The Rocketbook is only available online. Some models are erasable in the microwave oven. The latter are less advantageous because they can only be cleared a few times. On the other hand, those that are erasable with water have unlimited use. In addition, it is necessary to make sure to use the right pencils, that is to say erasable pens. The notebook is available in different formats.

For now, this is a well-kept secret, but this type of notebook will certainly be used more and more in our schools in order to limit the use of paper. The creators of the notebook are currently working on creating stickers that can be affixed to whiteboards to turn them into Rocketbook pages. Students will therefore be able to quickly digitize the demonstrations made by their teachers. This product should be on the market in the next few months.

To learn more, you can watch the demonstration video (English only).

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