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Raymond Bédard is one of the seven recipients of the Governor General's history awards for teaching excellence. The McMasterville School of International Education teacher will receive his award at Rideau Hall next week.

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Raymond Bedard is one of seven recipients of the Governor General's History Awards for Teaching Excellence. The McMasterville School of International Education teacher will receive his award at Rideau Hall next week.

He obtained this prestigious award for his “Objects of History” project, in which the pupils became, for a time, museum curators responsible for evaluating the historical value of ancient objects. The young people were to find, in their immediate environment, about ten objects made before 1960 and give a brief description of them. Then they had to choose one and write an essay showing how this object is a reflection of its time. At the end of the project, all the objects were exhibited in the school cafeteria.

“Teaching today is no small task, and teaching history presents special challenges. Indeed, for young people, history may seem more illusory than the virtual worlds they visit and create online, said Deborah Morrison, president and CEO of the Société Histoire Canada, in a press release. These teachers take up the challenge brilliantly by creating programs and activities that allow students to experience this history firsthand. "

My memory is spinning

The multimedia project My memory is spinning will also be honored during the same ceremony. Its instigators, Guylaine Maroist and Éric Ruel, will receive the Pierre-Berton Prize awarded to the “popular media” category. The result of work spanning seven years, this twelve-part documentary series was created from family films. With their collaborators, they brought together more than 20,000 films captured between the 1920s and 1980s. It is the largest bank of family films in North America.

The project site also offers 10,000 films online, webisodes and blogs. "The project also affects young people since we use the family film for teaching history in high school," said Ms. Maroist and Mr. Ruel in a press release. Besides, they continue to pick up family movies from across the country.

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