Sexuality education: tools to talk about it

Sexuality education in schools has become a hot topic again these days. The subject continues to polarize public opinion, while more and more educational initiatives are emerging to equip teachers.

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Sexuality education in schools has become a hot topic again these days. On the one hand, the archdiocese of Montreal urges parents to withdraw their children from sex education classes and on the other, François Legault reiterates more than ever the commitment of his party to continue the implementation of this compulsory program for all children from preschool to secondary 5Jean-François Roberge, his Minister of Education, speaks of a subject "essential to the good development of the child" and that "the only exemptions issued will be exceptionally for very specific reasons, for example for students. having experienced significant trauma ”.

It is clear that the subject is sensitive for several groups of people and that it seems to polarize attitudes. However, we must try to remain as objective as possible, keeping in mind that it is the development of the child as a whole person that matters and that sexuality education is a significant facet.

In theory, between 5 and 15 hours per year should be devoted to sexuality education in all schools in Quebec since September 2018, but the deployment has been delayed for several reasons. A lack of training and tools was mentioned, among other things, at the start of the school year, but we are now seeing more and more initiatives appearing on the Web.

One of them comes from the group Bayard which recently created educational material for children aged 7 to 13 on the topic of sexual violence. Entitled "Stop sexual violence against children", this tool consists of a illustrated booklet downloadable for free in PDF and three animated films available on Youtube.

This material will lead students to question themselves about everyday situations that could present a risk to their safety. In particular, mention is made of strangers on the Internet, of a trainer who is too present in the locker room and of a not-so-nice uncle. In short, scenes that will encourage class discussions by allowing students to have clues to recognize different types of sexual assault and ways to prevent or deal with them.

This tool is therefore a great opportunity to address sexuality education in the classroom. Elementary students will love the visual and recognize moments in their daily life. The teachers, for their part, will greatly appreciate the way in which the sequences of the booklet are constructed: a comic strip on two pages, followed by a page which encourages the child to think and a last which takes again the good rules and reflexes. to have.

For the booklet, it is here.

For videos, it's by the.

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