(Discover #Edteq) Optania: welcome to the era of benevolent technologies

At Optania, benevolence towards the student guides development. A major partnership with Société GRICS will also allow the majority of schools in Quebec to benefit from its solutions based on artificial intelligence via the Mozaïk Portal. Find out what's coming!

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies that are members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Optania to you!

At Optania, benevolence towards the student guides development. A major partnership with Société GRICS will also allow the majority of schools in Quebec to benefit from its solutions based on artificial intelligence via the Mozaïk Portal. Find out what's coming with this member of the Edteq Association!

At Optania, formerly Ellipse Synergie, it is benevolence that guides each action. This value is part of the DNA of all products and drives the team by allowing them to create technological tools that bring about positive and concrete changes in education. “ISA_, our Assisted Support interface, is the heart that makes our benevolent technology beat,” explains Carolanne Tremblay, Content and Research Coordinator, Education Sector. This artificial intelligence module infuses all our educational products with a benevolent spirit intended to support individuals. "

It was in 2009 that Louis-Raphaël Tremblay (CEO), math and science teacher, noticed that technological products intended for education were not centered on the essential: the student. The challenge then was to create ISA_, to make it work and to install it in an attractive interface for schools. It was just the beginning!

The Optania suite soon to be integrated into the Mozaïk portal

The educational expertise surrounding the various products of the Optania suite has been built up over the past decade. Louis-Raphaël Tremblay has surrounded himself with specialists in education and programming (teachers, remedial teachers, psychoeducator, Web developers, etc.) for the research and development of all of the company's digital school products.

In January 2017, a national recognition allowed them to reach a new level of notoriety and to enlarge the user pool. In fact, a major business partnership has been concluded with Société GRICS, allowing the products of the Optania suite to be integrated into the Mozaïk Portal. Over the next ten years, many Optania digital products will be available to all school organizations in Quebec.

These various digital products are intended to meet the needs of teachers, school workers, administrators, students and parents. Soon the platform Optania Intimidation Module will be available to allow students who are victims or witnesses of bullying situations to report, as well as school stakeholders responsible for their school's bullying file to act. ISA_, the benevolent artificial intelligence module, supports students in order to mobilize them, to support them in a therapeutic process and to prepare them to meet a counselor from their school, and this, from a Web platform accessible as much on mobile than on computer.

Other novelties in the Optania suite from the next school year

From September 2018, teachers and various school stakeholders will also have access to the Behavioral module in order to record and facilitate the intervention with the students.

"We are also currently working on setting up the Active standby module in the Mozaïk teacher portal, continues Carolanne Tremblay. In this module, ISA_ will analyze the student files according to the academic results provided by the teachers. It will allow them to simplify their analysis work and to be able to act upstream of a problem. "

Finally, the Metacognitive Feedback module will also soon be available on the Mozaïk pupil portal. ISA_ will interact with young people when a new academic result becomes available in order to help them achieve their learning journey. " For the parents, I keep you surprised, but we are preparing something that will help them support their child in their individualized learning, ”concludes Carolanne Tremblay.

Doing good and changing the world ... one technological tool at a time

Optania's multidisciplinary and experienced team believes that in a “school health” approach, it is possible to offer tools that truly meet the needs of our time. She works hard to model technological products that exactly match the needs of teachers, their students, school stakeholders and even parents. The team hopes to change the way others view the school environment, one technological tool at a time.

Their deep motivation is supported by this idea: “Doing good and changing the world is only utopian for those who don't. "


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