5 essential resources for successful planning

We're getting ready for the start of the school year, have you started your planning? Here are 5 must-see resources to inspire you!

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Back to school is approaching, here are 5 resources from our news feed that will probably inspire you!

1 - Digital technology to adopt a posture aimed at universal pedagogy

This article offers a reflection on how to take advantage of the accessibility of digital tools, and presents interesting applications to use.

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2 - 5 elements to consider to boost your work plan

This article was written this year during the distance learning period, but it contains several interesting elements that also apply in the classroom.

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3 - Unexpected absence? Everything is planned!

An elementary school teacher shares with us her tip to make the management of absences easier.

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4 - Implement technological assistance tools in underprivileged areas

A teacher shares how she uses digital tools mainly to compensate for learning difficulties in reading and writing of her students.

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5 - Flexible accommodation: from classroom management to individual management

Flexible design is a trend that we are seeing more and more in schools. To talk about it, we met two specialists in the matter who provide their advice.

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