An unusual end-of-year assessment

Now that the year is over, everyone can take stock of their practice, their desires and their perception of the profession after all this saga. Will you do yours?

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The pandemic, distance education and the whole back-to-school context have brought their share of worries, anxiety and questioning. However, it is brilliantly that the teachers have taken up this unexpected challenge. On the other hand, I believe that it is imperative, now that the year is over, that everyone make a personal assessment of their practice, their desires and their perception of the profession after all this saga.

My practice: professional development

When the announcements of continuing distance education were made, there was a real movement of professional development on the part of many teachers. From tutorials on YouTube to webinars from RÉCIT and creators of digital tools, including virtual CréaCamps and the training offered by TÉLUQ, many players in the education sector have taken the time to develop their skills in order to better meet the needs of their students.  

In face-to-face, we often forget to take this time to train and to question ourselves on what could help us to be more comfortable in our practice. The COVID-19 context has shown that taking time can only be positive, even if we feel like we usually lack it. 

Keep in mind that professional development is a winning attitude and that what you have developed must be reinvested next year. Have you discovered any methods, strategies or attitudes that you want to keep in your classroom?

In addition, dare to see further: what do you want to learn new? What string do you want to add to your bow? What resources can you find useful? Why not continue your process with a colleague who shares the same desires as you? 

My desires: personal development

Beyond the professional context, the personal aspect emerged in the discussions and findings. Indeed, it was not uncommon to hear or see people say or write that before confinement, they did not take the time with their children, that they missed their family, that they put too much time in their work. The priorities then changed and it's easy to get back to old habits.

Therefore, ask yourself what is most important to you, and by the same token, what you want to keep or change in your lifestyle. 

Ideas to remember your state of mind

In order to visualize this whole process of questioning and personal planning, it may be interesting to illustrate it. If you know the croquinote (or sketchnote) or the mind map principle, it can be very relevant to do it in order to visualize your thinking, what you want to be next year.

Also, the exercise of writing a letter to reread at the beginning of the year can be a great way to remember the state of mind in which we are and want to be. It can also be done using a video of you, or even a delayed email.  

In short, the bottom line is that you can maintain or create the balance you want, both in your classroom and in your life. Happy well-deserved holidays and good thinking! 

Since it is a question of croquinote (sketchnote),  Carrefour education offers you The madness of the sketchnote, an essential resource on the subject.

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