The first twitterature festival takes place today in Quebec… and on Twitter!

In collaboration with the Festival Québec en tous lettres, the Institut de twittérature comparée de Québec is organizing the first International Festival of Twitterature, on October 16, at the Gabrielle-Roy Library in Québec.

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Update: In collaboration with the Festival Québec en tous lettres, the Institut de twittérature comparée de Québec is holding today, October 16, the first International Festival of Twitterature, at the Gabrielle-Roy Library in Québec.

To participate virtually, go to Twitter and follow the hashtag #140MAX.

The theme of the day is quite simply "140 MAX", in reference to the 140 characters maximum contained in a publication on Twitter. During the day, round tables and workshops will follow one another, aimed as much at the cultural and educational community as at the general public interested in this form of literature resulting directly from the rise of Web 2.0. At the end of the afternoon, the participants present at the Gabrielle-Roy Library will have the opportunity to attend a rather playful part, in particular by public reading of tweeters and fights of "tweets"!

A “competition” section gave the students the chance to experience a twitterature project. To participate, interested teachers had to first register their class by completing the form available on the web. A little later, the details concerning the exact way to participate as well as the chosen themes were communicated to them. A jury has determined the winners by category and they will be announced at the 5 to 7 of the Festival, later in the day. "It is important that this participation takes place within the framework of an educational process", explains Jean-Yves Fréchette, co-founder of Institute of Comparative Tweet and initiator of the Festival.

This French language lover and former college teacher is determined to promote the correct use of French in life and on Twitter. “With the meteoric rise of social media, it is our responsibility as adults to take care of the quality of the language,” he firmly believes. And it is doing its part to educate the new generation, among other things with the Festival de twittérature.

You ask yourself "but what is twitterature"? Watch the television interview with Jean-Yves Fréchette who talks about it with passion on the show The Dance of Words, on RFI.

To participate virtually, go to Twitter and follow the hashtag #140MAX.

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