A new interactive projector makes its debut in schools

Chambly - A class at Chambly high school in Montérégie is currently testing an interactive projector from Epson, which has designed the BrightLink especially for teaching rooms.

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Chambly - A class at Chambly high school in Montérégie is currently testing an interactive projector from the company Epson, which has designed the BrightLink especially for teaching rooms.

It is Hugo Marois, teacher for 11 years at the high school, who tries it in his third secondary mathematics course. “For the past two years, in the school, we have started using different interactive screens,” he explains. The major problem was that the lights had to be turned off and the curtains lowered so that the students could clearly see the screen. The darkness in the classroom put them to sleep! "

Hugo Marois is delighted with the brightness of the new projector being tested: “In full sun, the image remains vivid,” says the teacher.

He says his health has improved since using interactive screens because the chalk dust has stopped bothering him. But it is the students' response that excites him the most. "They are stimulated, curious, and like to come and use it in front of the class."

All the lessons can be enhanced by the projector, according to him, since many tools are incorporated: compass, spell checker, Internet access, multimedia player… The school uses the ActivInspire software, already used in the ActivBoard and SmartBoard boards. , also compatible with the projector. “It's as easy to use as a home computer,” says the math teacher.

The BrightLink must be installed on the ceiling or on a wall and be connected to a computer running Mac or Windows platforms. You can project your image on a wall, on the floor, or on a whiteboard. A large electronic stylus serves as a mouse. “Our teachers find the pencil rather heavy, this is its main drawback,” explains Jean-Guy Lepage, the school's computer technician.

He is satisfied with the version he is testing in the school, but wants some improvements: “the software only perceives one pencil at a time, whereas for certain exercises, the teachers would like to use the electronic pencil at the same time as 'a student."

The device costs $1,900. Projector lamps cost $170 as a replacement. According to Jean-Guy Lepage, the maintenance of this projector is easier than for interactive whiteboards. “It's out of the reach of the students. These cannot damage it, ”he continues.

The image projected by the BrightLink can reach a diagonal length of 96 inches. It has built-in speakers and does not release heat into the room. It can be connected to the room computer by USB cable or wireless card. Available since April 2010, it is guaranteed for 3 years.

By Viviane De Repentigny

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