Digital trophies: inspiring education stakeholders to use technologies

Organized by TÉLUQ, the Digital Trophies competition aims to highlight innovative educational projects that combine digital technologies, tools and approaches.

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Do you know the CIRTA congress? Taking place on October 10 and 11, 2018 in the premises of TÉLUQ de Québec, these training days have the theme "Present and future of digital teaching and learning." "

Organized by TÉLUQ University, the competition Digital trophies, falling under the theme of the next CIRTA congress: "Present and future of digital teaching and learning", aims to highlight innovative educational projects that combine technologies, tools and digital approaches. Wishing to reward "achievements that promote or improve the learning of people of all ages and from all situations" and inspire those involved in education, this competition offers a showcase for nominated projects.

Do you want to participate in the competition?

Do you have a project that could potentially meet the criteria for the Digital Trophies?

To find out if it is eligible in one of the four categories - preschool / elementary / secondary education, college / university higher education, workplace training environment, general public - section Categories of the site gives explanations and even offers some examples. In addition, the evaluation criteria are specified there.

Another interesting section to consult before embarking on the adventure is that of the regulations which specify all the details to be respected, the terminations of rights and the deadlines to be observed in the context of the competition.

Applications must be submitted via the competition website. When creating the application file, it is possible to return the bonus until 1er September, closing date for deposits.


The Community for Innovation and Research on Technologies in Teaching / Learning has the mission of " foster networking of experts, researchers, professionals and graduate students in order to advance research and innovation in the theories, models, methods, systems and tools in the field of teaching / learning using technologies, whatever the environment […], or the modality […], and whatever the age or profile of the learner. »Since 2015, CIRTA has been organizing an annual congress that brings together experts and enthusiasts in education with the aim of exchanging research results and innovative experiences with the help of ICTs. This year, the University congress host is TÉLUQ, located in Quebec.

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