Back to school: 341,970 magazines given to students

341,970 copies of Les Débrouillards, Les Explorateurs and Curium magazines were given to schools this week.

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Quebec educational magazines are breaking records. Stacked, the 341,970 magazines The Resourceful, The Explorers and Curium donated to schools this week would form a column taller than the Empire State Building in New York!

(Montreal, August 22, 2017) 341,970 primary and secondary students will soon receive the September edition of an educational magazine (ExplorersThe Resourceful or Curium, according to their age), following a request from their teacher. Stacked, these magazines would form a column of 600 meters, three times the height of the skyscrapers of Montreal. !

For 11 years, every new school year, Publications BLD has given students and teachers in Quebec and Canada nearly two million new magazines, in what has become the largest activity promoting reading and science in the country.

“Our magazines allow young people to discover the pleasure of reading and discovery. Since reading is essential to academic success, I don't hesitate to say: A child who reads a magazine is a successful child! »Underlines the founder of Les Débrouillards, Félix Maltais.

The success of BLD Publications' 40 annual magazines proves that young people love to read and that paper is not going to disappear ... Thus, 780,000 copies of ExplorersResourceful, of Curium and their special items were sold in 2016, an absolute record!

(source: Canadian Media Circulation Audit)


BLD publications

Created by Agence Science-Presse, Réseau Technoscience and Bayard Canada, Publications BLD publishes the monthly magazines The Explorers, The Hustlers and Curium, and specials Sport Hustlers (three editions), DebrouillArts (two editions), Explotechno and Explomonde. Entirely produced and printed in Quebec, each month these magazines reach nearly four hundred thousand readers aged 6 to 17, parents and teachers.

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