Collège Sainte-Anne unveils its school of the future

Collège Sainte-Anne unveils the project for a brand new high school, located in Dorval. As part of a current international innovation, this educational project could become a model to be followed for the future.

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Montreal, September 4, 2019 - As a revolution takes shape in the world of education in Quebec, the Collège Sainte-Anne unveils the project of a brand new high school, located in Dorval. As part of a current international innovation, this educational project could become a model to be followed for the future.

Several educational paradigms will be revisited, including school organization, calendar, pedagogical approaches, the role of the teacher and the development of living spaces thanks to an architecture by Pierre Thibault.

“It is by traveling and observing what is happening internationally that the inspiration for this school of the future came. Today's model no longer meets the needs of current generations, with the culture of performance which directs everything. We want to focus more on'learning, by developing the skills of the 21e century, by focusing on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and autonomy, ”explains Ugo Cavenaghi, CEO of Sainte-Anne and author of the book Dare to go to school. Creative ideas to revive our education system.

An environment in which the pace of the students will be respected, where questioning, mentoring and social engagement will be valued: here are some of the foundations on which the school of the future is based. The pleasure of learning, innovation and commitment will be the core values of this new way of life.

“We want to design a school that will empower students to act as confident, aware and engaged citizens, redefining the learning experience. This school [will promote] the development of young people, in a sustainable development approach. The space will be bright, open and respectful of the environment, ”says Nathalie Gagnon, president of the board of directors of Collège Sainte-Anne.

Architecture at the heart of success

This school of the future will offer architecture in response to a differentiated educational approach. The plans will focus on a typology of open plan designed by Pierre Thibault: an open school, with flexible classes, a multiplicity of collaborative spaces, abundant light, highlighting visual breakthroughs on the horizon and the river on the upper floors.

This new school will target sustainable development practices, in particular with the use of sustainable innovations as educational means on the evolving consumption of buildings.

Open houses are scheduled for fall 2020.

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About Sainte-Anne College

Founded in 1861, Collège Sainte-Anne is a non-profit organization that offers active pedagogy and exclusive study programs, including an international component. Since 2007, the establishment has forged links with partner schools on five continents. To stimulate the creativity of young people, Sainte-Anne has developed the Course of Tomorrow, an educational model that places them at the center of the learning process. Sainte-Anne has three levels of education: preschool-elementary (Académie Sainte-Anne), secondary (Collège Sainte-Anne) and college (Collégial international Sainte-Anne).

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