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In a context where digital technology is taking more and more place in the lives of students, it is important to teach them to use it responsibly. Indeed, it is possible to learn while having fun!

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Automated English translation - (sometimes hilarious) mistakes can creep in! ;)

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In a context where digital technology is taking more and more place in the lives of students, it is important to teach them to use it responsibly. Indeed, it is possible to learn while having fun!

Several platforms offer applications or online exercises to take advantage of digital technology and learn in a fun way. Here are some suggestions to improve French for young people for free.

VerbEx & NymEx

These two applications which work the same way deal with conjugation (VerbEx) and homophones (NymEx). On the main menu, you have to choose what you particularly want to work on. For Verbex, it is a question of selecting verbs and tenses, while for Nymex, it is necessary to check the desired homophones. For both platforms, it is possible to choose a number of questions and to show the correct answers when mistakes are made. Then we answer questions and get immediate feedback. This makes it easy to understand your weaknesses and improve afterwards.  


  • Use these platforms for students to practice when they have finished classwork or to prepare them for grammar tests. It may also be relevant to use these applications to practice self-correction before a written production.
  • Have the students do a specific number of exercises and get an accurate mark. For example, doing 20 numbers on the verbs to have and to be and get at least 12 correct answers.

The conjugation

Conjugation is another application which helps to work on verbs and which can also serve as a reference tool. By opening the software, you have to choose the language and determine whether you want to do exercises or rather consult the conjugation tables. For exercises, the platform works much like VerbEx (presented above). You can choose your verbs and tenses or go there randomly at the discretion of the application!


  • It can be motivating for students during writing exercises (dictation of the day, dictation 0 fault, etc.) to correct themselves using digital tools. Why not ask them to do it using this app?

Dictation (Hello Prof)

This application allows you to create your own lists of words and then practice writing them. It is possible to create several lists and also to add already existing lists that other people have saved. Once the list is made, the application “names” the words using a pre-recorded voice and they must be written in the correct way at the indicated place. Feedback is immediate after dictation.  


  • Create advance lists for your students based on weeks / months and goals. It may also be interesting to create lists related to themes discussed in class to help them appropriate the spelling of new words.
  • When the students are done with their homework, have them put on headphones and practice their vocabulary using this app.

Good discovery!

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Laurie Couture
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