The Tactileo digital learning platform makes its debut in Quebec

Press release - On this World Day of Love, benevolence and sharing are in the spotlight! And it was on this occasion that the Tactileo digital learning platform officially made its debut in Quebec, promising to facilitate the creation and sharing of fun educational content for young people, while making it easier to monitor their progress.

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Montreal, February 14, 2021 - Benevolence and sharing will be in the spotlight on this Valentine's Day! And this is the moment that Mélanie Rizk, a mother entrepreneur who has worked in education for more than 20 years, chose to announce the availability of the Tactileo platform to teachers in Quebec.

Developed in France by innovative teachers and resulting from collaborations between researchers in cognitive sciences, the digital learning platform Tactileo is now used by more than 8 million learners, in France and in West Africa. Adapted to the needs of teachers in Quebec, Tactileo is designed to digitize training in a fun and creative way. It allows teachers to develop use cases such as the flipped classroom, support for face-to-face teaching, or virtual classes. The platform also contains a bank of educational resources, content creation tools, the possibility of sharing modules and courses created as well as a tool for monitoring results and progress in real or deferred time. 

“Distance education must be carried out on a daily basis with the tools available to everyone (smart phones, tablets, PCs),” says Mélanie Rizk. “Also, the interactive and entertaining nature of the content developed thanks to digital technology must serve the attractiveness and relevance of the content. These aspects are essential because they not only condition the acquisition of learning, but allow educational differentiation. The more “meaningful” the content, the more the student wants to go further and develop new knowledge ”, specifies the one who is president of The Editions Book Box and of ARÉN Education. "As a parent, it is reassuring to be able to rely on secure and efficient technological tools".

Free access until the end of the school year

Teachers interested in trying TACTILEO can register on this web page. As an introductory offer, access is available free of charge until the end of the school year, July 31, 2021.

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