Fostering student engagement through play: an educational and collaborative adventure

An interview with Shawn Young, president and co-founder of Classcraft, who tells us about the positive effects that play has in the classroom on student motivation.

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An interview with Shawn Young, President and Co-Founder of Classcraft and Mentor at the CréaCamp event on April 13, 2018, who talks about the issue Classcraft is tackling and the positive impact gaming has in the classroom on the student motivation.

Prior to co-founding Classcraft, Shawn was a high school physics teacher and educational advisor. Like many educational players, he has witnessed a lack of student engagement, a systemic and endemic problem that has impacts on educational attendance and success as well as on bullying and the school climate. Classcraft comes to tackle this problem in a sustained way by using fun and games to increase student motivation while working on social and collaborative dimensions.

Hear Shawn talk about the cultural importance of video games for young people and the relevance of meeting them in this universe using the motivational mechanisms that make the video game industry so popular.

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About the Author

Stéphanie Dionne
Stephanie Dionne
Stéphanie Dionne is director of development and partnerships, facilitator and speaker. It contributes to the influence of players in the education sector and its ecosystem. In addition, it supports parents, teachers and workers in a mentality of co-education in order to allow young people to become fulfilled citizens in the digital age.